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Jesus Delivered Me from Emptiness (Chatting)

Hi all, I know by the looks of the title, it isn’t really a pressing issue for anyone, but seriously it has taken a toll on me at one point, constantly seeking a chatting buddy online. If one did not work out, I would continue to seek for another one or have multiple ones (all males) so that I could have people constantly chatting with me, to fill the void in my heart.

This went on for 6 years daily and I didn’t think it was an issue back then. You know the more you share with people, the more you develop an emotional bond so I felt that I could not leave these guys/the chatting platform.

I was all along a Christian, went to church regularly. One day while attending a church service, BAM I had a revelation.

Jesus told me that I CAN leave this platform. I have choices (you just know its him speaking, it was very strongly felt I was very sure of his voice from attending church regularly). The desire to seek for chatting partner ceased at that moment. I KNEW I WAS SET FREE THEN.

This is a bondage by the devil. This is not the life Jesus has called you to live, he wants you to have a partner (a man of God to do life with you) physically, not someone online to fill the void in your heart. For 6 years I could not stop looking for people to chat with, it was compulsive, it was not something I could stop.

But ever since the desire ceased, I have since stopped chatting with anyone online for one year. I didn’t feel like I need it anymore. Jesus is the only one that can fill your heart. Don’t look for men to fill you emotionally. BONDAGE IS BY THE DEVIL. God is love, he wants to fill you, be set free.

Before this I proclaimed I am the righteousness of God in Christ every time I felt prompted to. So proclaim that you are the righteousness of God in Christ, you are right with him, you don’t have to earn this righteousness. It’s a gift. Feel empty no more. God will never leave you nor forsake you. Amen.

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