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Emergency Prayer Needed To Write My Exams

Please pray for me.

I am studying as a 3rd year I was very close to Jesus till I joined for Jesus helped me a lot for my studies. But after I joined in college, I have done so many bad things. Although I loved Jesus, I can’t stop sinning. I’m addicted to bad habits.

When I ask Jesus to help me, He always helps to pass through my situations. I tried to quit my habits. But it only lasted for a week. Then I go to sinning again and again. My parents are trying hard for my studies. They are getting too old. I want to take care of them.

I have lots of papers to be cleared. Today my tutor told me I am going to be rejected from the exam and I have to study one year again due to low attendance percentage. Please pray for me. I have no one to tell this.


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  3. Sparkle 10/17/2016

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