He is Jehovah. El Roi, the God who Really Sees

My late mother always used to tell me that though life offers many trials, when one feels completely overcome, if you cry out to God He will always give immediate relief.

For fifteen years plus, I have had an enemy. As per myself, I feel I was thrown into the battle field unknowingly. I have tried as humanly possible to live in peace with this person in close quarters. I lost all that is important to me to this person.

Over the years I have suffered terrible verbal and emotional abuse at the hands of this person. The battle is the Lords! He has brought us into a life together where we live peaceably. But till now, I have always abhorred that presence, cut it out of my life as much as possible though I live with it. I have avoided, abhorred, been revolted, and done every wrong thing that a Christian should not do to another Christian. Over the years I have prayed, but recently there was a boildown between us.

I have been straining at the reins to escape this. The only way was for this person to vanish from my life. But I found I cannot pray that to my God.

After this fight, I fasted and prayed. I told Jehovah, in the name of Christ, please remove this from me. I am not asking for harm of anyone but I cannot take it anymore. PLEASE just remove it from me, this thing that robs me of joy.

The day after my fast to my surprise this very person approached me in happiness and I turned her down. It ended in me telling her without anger how much she hurt me in the past and how much I am affected by her negative and untrue comments. I hugged her and wept on her shoulder (literally).

I am struggling to explain because I myself don’t know what happened, but Jesus just took away my burden. Every bad feeling related to this person and her presence in my life suddenly just rolled away and I have not been at this peace since I met her. There is no fear, no pain and I find within a day I am interacting with her as I have never did before. She may not notice as I have always been very careful not to discriminate but where there was revulsion I am just open to her….can you tell me what has happened.

Jesus truly took my burden and rolled it in the sea. He is the God who really sees…El Roi, the same who heard Hagars call in the desert…

Restrain not yourself, roll your burden onto Him for He cares for you.

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord.

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