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Eczema Healed!

I have been suffering from atopic eczema for 24 years since I was eight. It doesn’t really bother me much as it’s just very mild on my body but not until 3 years ago, the eczema sudden flared up aggressively and it started to spread to all over my body. My skin was inflamed, dry and cracked all the time.

And I had been seeing the specialist doctor. They can’t help me much. They only can prescribe me the oral steroid and creams. Blood test after blood but found nothing. The situation doesn’t seem to be get improved despite all this that had been done. I fell into a very deep depression and cried every night when I looked at my skin. I don’t even dare to look at myself on the mirror.

During this pit level of my life, I know that there is still a hope – the promises of God in healing. Every night, I desperately prayed and asked Jesus to heal me. And He shows me that He wanted to deal with some serious sins in my life. He wanted me to confess the sins with someone, which I find it very difficult, after much struggle, I finally humble myself to God & shared it with one of my close friends. She prayed for me & from then, I was set free from the foothold of the devils.

Still, I didn’t see any improvement on my skin. But I keep on praying and claiming the word of God. Sometimes, I felt so discouraged down when healing seem to take place. But I know I still want to persevere and continue to claim the word of God. I believe the word of God will come to pass as we keep on believing.

After a few months, God spoke to me through a prophet when I attended a group meeting; I received the prophesy on God’s promise that the day discouragement despair will be over. God wants me to know that He loves me; He wants me to know that the devils trying to discourage me, but I need to be strong to overcome him with the Word of the testimonies in my life. God promised to set me free. I keep on confessing the word of God and claiming the blood of Jesus until the breakthrough came.

The healing didn’t take place instantly, but gradually. Praise God! I am glad to tell you that I am healed in the name of Jesus! My skin is totally healed from eczema now, not more redness, dryness flaking skin. Not one dot of syndrome. I am set free by Jesus!

People were amazed and asked me what treatment I went for. I just simply told them that Jesus is my Healer. I just want to encourage those who are going through sickness in life, do not despair, keep on confessing the word of God despite you don’t see any result yet.

Look to Jesus, not the circumstances in your life, knowing that in everything God is in control. Keeping on trusting. For the Word of God says, “if you believe, you will see the glory of God” Amen!

All Glory to God!


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