Drug Free Thank You Jesus

Hello, my name is joseph i am 28 years of age born nov 15 1982 i am married with two butifull children.well just would like to share that its ben about almost 2 monts since i have smoked pot praise god i have ben smoking pot every day since i was 17 years old most of my friends all smoke pot so it was pretty hard two not smoke with them i have ben wanting to stop for a long time and always telling my self  i would quit but just could not because of the people i would hang out with would all ways smoke i know thats no excuse but i just couldnt find my self two stop.its ben something i always wanted to do for god and know i have prayed harder and seperated my self from my so called friends so that i can just stop and now with the help of my lord jesus christ and through prayer its ben almost 2 monts since i have done it with no urge to even do it anymore thank you jesus there has ben times in my life that i have given my last doller just to have a drag. that is not good i never realy new why i always did it because every time i done it i would all feel so bad and convicted buy the sprit i guess i was just to stuburn and not wanting to give god a chance for what he wanted to do with my life now that i am finish with it i know god has bigger and better plans instore for me he loves me so much i was just two blind to see it and now he has open my eyes and opened a new door for me and i feel so much better aboute my self i can do all things through christ who gives me the strenth thank you lord jesus my god alpha and the omega the begining and the end who was who is and who is to come my dear friends who reads this testimony of mine please pray for me that god will give me the strenth and power to never go back to my old ways because i feel so much happyer in the lord if i ever get high again i want to get high in the lord the word of god amen thank you for reading.


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