What Do These Dreams Mean?

While I was agnostic, and I was believing what people were telling me that God isnt real. At this time, I had a dream. In the dream there were odd looking things that had goat faces and these things with goat faces were telling me Jesus is lies and that Jesus isn’t who he says he is. And in the dream, I was believing what these things with Goat faces were telling me.

Now when I woke up, I didn’t think much of it. But then later I was considering what my dream could possibly mean and why was I seeing goat faces. Anyway a few days later I suddenly wanted to learn something new, anything. Someone said learn about the occult; it’s interesting.

So, I was reading about the occult (don’t worry I have nothing to do with it), and I saw an image by the article, and I was like om my gosh that’s exactly the face I saw! I was so shocked and scared.  This is the exact face I saw:

But the weird thing was I’ve never seen or knew about that goat was Satan at that time, so I don’t know why I could have possibly had that come up in my dream. I was scared and didn’t know what this meant.

I then a few days later had accepted Christ into my life and I believed for a short period of time that there was a God and then at that time when I went to bed, I had another dream. But in this dream, I looked up in the sky and I think it was Jesus (he had a crown on this head) had his arms open in the sky and then suddenly my upper body (my real body) actually shook, and I don’t know why this happened. If this was anything to do with God? And it’s never happened before, I just don’t know, I’m still puzzled by what all this meant, and I ask any of you opinions could you please comment and tell me your thoughts. I’m still puzzled.


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