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Anyone Else with Dreams and God Is in Them?

Ok, So I am going to tell a story of what happened to me one night when I had just become a Christian and I would like to know what others have dreamt or seen… I had converted about 6 months prior so I was a baby in all sense of the word. Still in the “what does God want from me?” and “What is my purpose?” stage of Christianity.

I was recently married with a son on the way which made things even more complicated and I was constantly praying about what it was I should be doing. So one night in May of 2009 I went to bed as normal; prayed and watched a little t.v. to get me tired. I don’t remember being brought up or whisked away or anything, I was just all of a sudden in a place I had never been. The place was dark all around and it had the presence of like a racing track. In the middle of the “track” was a giant wall in a huge oval shape, almost as if it was protecting a small city,covered in ivy and vines. I looked ahead and saw a figure walking ahead of me on the right side. Immediately I knew Who it was. I had an overwhelming sense that I knew it was Jesus.

I only saw the back of Him and I started walking with Him. Now during the whole dream I am walking about 2-3 steps behind and to the left of Him. I never saw His face. So here I am and He starts talking to my thoughts, doesn’t say anything out loud until the end. What was I to think or say to my Creator? I felt completely unworthy to say anything and there was a little fear come into my mind. As soon as this emotion hits me; “Don’t be afraid I am with you”…Whoa! Nothing but peace came over me.

So after every “turn” we would make around this wall, He would turn the scenery into different places.  A rainforest, desert, etc.. And when new places entered my mind, for instance, a tundra, it was immediately changed but I felt no cold and it was really awesome.  So this goes on for a while and as I am going I can see through the wall on my right through little cracks and holes.  All I see is a HUGE water fall and pool where animals are laying and drinking and just relaxing.  I remember seeing what resembled a giraffe, lion, hippo, and birds.

Anyways, after a few more “laps” around I start to notice about 50 yards behind us start walking pretty much everyone I had ever known.  All this time He is answering my thoughts about everything that pops in. For example,  “Where are we?” and His reply was “You are with Me”…We continue to walk and every now and then I turn around to see who else has been added to the growing people walking behind us, and He gets upset and I hear in my head: “Why do you keep looking back?  You are with Me”  So I never looked back in the entire dream because I could sense that was a “Quit paying attention to them”

…After a while when we had hit a straight path and were walking, to the left of me I saw 2 enormous doors, black, chains locking them and smoke seeping out of the bottom.  Immediately the fear came back; I knew it led to hell.  As soon as the fear came in “Don’t be afraid of that place!  You won’t ever pass through those doors” Talk about relief and comfort coming in like a mac truck…So we’re getting close to the end of the dream and He stops in front of a door, and the last conversation, out loud, went like this: Me: “What do you want from me?”  He said to my mind “You will go preach My Gospel” and I say “But Lord I am shy” and He ends with “You will get over it and I will be with you”…Now the whole “You will get over it” wasn’t a nice “hey you can over come that” it was more of a stern” Get over it stop making excuses” type deal…I woke up and started the next day…And about 6 months later my 2nd dream comes……


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