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Disobedience and Forgiveness

The Lord Christ insisted me to update my resume and post to job portals in the beginning of December 2012. I have also sent my resignation letter to the company where i was working earlier.

I disobeyed his words and left carelessly. As days pass by slowly i started to move away from God and even stopped praying. Satan took this chance and transgressed me to find fault with Jesus and not on me. For the past 3 months I suffered a lot of troubles. I lost my peace,job, and beautiful married life.

I shouted and cried a loud. Our merciful God showed me how good He is in forgiveness. He forgave me and pointed out at which point I left him.

With tears in my eyes and guilty heart I prayed to Jesus for forgiveness and help me. Our merciful Lord my Shepherd immediately poured his divine peace in my heart. I felt i was born new.

I obeyed Him within 5 hours i was able to finish my resume. In those 5 hours God’s grace helped me which was impossible for past 3 months. At the last 10 minute something forced me to postpond the work to the next day. I dont remember what happened then but a miracle worked out , my resume was updated automatically. I couldnt believe my eyes.With rocket speed easily i have posted in job portals.

Now I have posted in job portals and waiting for my chance .Surely God will let me to take up the right Job.Praise the Lord for His mercy.

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