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Diego’s Healing!

I have posted testimonies about this before, but I just gotta keep on posting because He keeps amazing me! I got Diego, my 3-year-old dog, in 2008. He was the perfect puppy, but we noticed that he drank a lot of water. We took him to the vet, and they thought it could be a urinary infection, so they put him on antibiotics.

When he wasn’t reducing his water intake the doctor told me that he probably had some sort of congenital kidney disease. As I read online about dogs with kidney disease we got discouraged at the prognosis; after a few days with him my husband decided we were returning him to where we got him from. I cried a lot and prayed a lot that he changed his mind; he didn’t want me to suffer so he thought it would be easier to return him. At the end we decided to keep him but I gotta say that I told God, ‘I’m gonna keep him because I have faith that You can heal him’. So I prayed and prayed and prayed…

Diego’s kidney values were slowly creeping up at the beginning until they started to increase faster. I prayed to God to find me a better vet…that week at church, there was a series about healing, and at the end of the service they asked those people that wanted prayer to go to the front. I had been crying and sad the whole week because Diego was getting worse….I walked to the front and there was a few prayer warriors from the church ready to pray for people and this guy told me to go to him…he asked me who I needed prayer for, and I told him that my prayer request was a little strange because it was for a dog, and I told him the whole story…well, he looks at me and tells me ‘guess what I do?’ and I say ‘what?’ and he says ‘I’m a vet’.

I couldn’t believe it! I started crying even more and he prayed for Diego and for me… I was so overwhelmed with joy that I walked away after we were done, and I didn’t even ask him where his practice was so I could bring Diego to him. I had asked God for a vet after all! So, I just remembered his first name and looked for him on Facebook and found him. I emailed him thanking him for praying for us and I told him that I thought that God sent him, so I took Diego to him.

He was really nice and ran some tests for my dog and he confirrmed the kidney disease diagnosis…he was amazed at how high Diego’s values were and how good he looked despite them (his kidney values were very high, and he was not really showing any symptoms other than high values) …the second time we went. His office he introduced me to a younger girl vet who wanted to take Diego’s case. She put him on some new meds that were going to help him and changed his therapy a little bit. I could tell she was very interested in Diego’s case and that she was researching a lot for us.

Diego’s values suddenly started going higher and higher and he started showing symptoms He didn’t want to eat, was throwing up everything, was very lethargic, shaky, didn’t want to play or go out…I still was praying all the time and I have never stopped trusting God for his healing… ‘He always delivers me’ I kept on thinking to myself…I decided to really trust God and leave my dog in His powerful hands.

When I took Diego to the doctor the vet said that she thought we should put him down soon; I was devastated and felt defeated…as I got home I started praying and asking God why, I was reading my bible and this is what the Lord showed me “Bear with me a little longer and I will show you that there is more to be said in God’s behalf” from the book of Job. So, I waited. Miraculously Diego started to feel better, his values started to drop and be better, he started eating, playing, being himself.

I couldn’t believe it! He was keeping his promise! About two weeks ago Diego was tested and his values are as follows: BUN 42 (was 166), creatinine 5.1 (was 10), phosphorus 5 (was 13)…these values are almost normal! Praise the Lord! I know this dog came to me for a reason other than being a pet, God always had a plan! I step out in faith, and I know my God will keep him stable and will make him even better! Believe! He can do ANYTHING! Sorry for my long testimony but I had to share! God bless everyone!


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