Praying Girl

I Was Diagnosed with Type 1 and 2 Herpes Today. I Feel Beyond Sick

I had been celibate for almost 2 years when I met a guy who I trusted and  eventually slept with but right away I could tell that something was wrong. I just felt some type of way. I felt bad that I had been sexually active and was not married. I let GOD down and I felt like I was giving up and giving in.

He assured me he was clean and wanted to make me his woman. I ended up not talking to this guy anymore because it seemed the relationship wouldn’t go anywhere special. I meet another guy we were talking and  6 months later we had sex I had no symptoms I didn’t know until today I have herpes. I feel so sick and depressed.

I already shared this news with my boyfriend and he’s going to get checked. I pray he doesn’t have it. I have asked GOD to heal me and that this situation will better my relationship with him. All I know is that 10 months ago my blood work was clean. I just want to be healed please pray for me. I’m feeling really down.