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Delivered from Pornography

When I was 2 years old my parents converted to Christ, so I was born in a Christian family. We went to different Christian churches but there was something lacking like justice. So 10 years of looking for something rare, we felt on the CTMI church, the message of the cross.

The moment I put my feet in this church there was something beyond words there. So, I was going to church every Sunday, but I knew that I must put my life in order, clear before the Lord. However, on Dec 2010 there was a youth convention and on one of these days, I was born again.

My bad experience with pornography started when I was about 12 years old. It started with magazine, then CDs, then on TV at night and then finally the poison internet. Before I had been born again, I did not know if it is bad to watch porn, to masturbate. I was doubting. But after I was born again the Lord put in my heart that everything, I was doing was really bad, for masturbation you can think that it is not written in the bible but try to think a bit: to masturbate your penis should be erect so to be erect you have to think about something. So, when you have these bad thoughts, are you not committing adultery!

The day I was born again (2010) to the day I was delivered (2013), I have been struggling a lot. I sent prayer requests to a lot of pastors, but nothing worked. I was begging the Lord to set me free because I was tired of porn.

Every time I thought, I have stop it, I fell again. I was tired of life because I could not have victory on porn. On Dec 2013 CTMI organized a youth camp and in these 4 days in the camp the Lord spoke to me and healed my heart. It was another turning point after I was born again.

Personally, I was expecting something great during the camp because I knew that nothing is impossible with JESUS CHRIST. I am not perfect, and I will not be it until the coming of the Lord, but I know that in temptation situation I will not bow my knees to porn but lift my eyes to JESUS.

To conclude my experience, I encourage you to feed your spirit with the Word of God. Otherwise, your flesh will be hungry for the desires of this world, because it is either flesh or spirit.

My contact: ronishpallany at yahoo dot com

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