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Delivered from Mulitiple Infirmities in One Night

I am soooo grateful and happy! I had been attacked with multiple infirmities throughout my body and God showed me that most of them, outside of a generational back issue, were the result of being targeted by someone using occultic/witchcraft practices against me. I had unusual pains and issues throughout nearly all areas of my body for over 2.5 years.

On Sunday night, I attended a deliverance service in Maryland and God worked so POWERFULLY through the service and delivered me from all of the infirmities I had! I was slain in the Spirit for about 20 minutes and after I stood up an annular tear that I had in my lower back disc was no longer there. The sciatica that it had caused for years was fully gone. The unevenness I had in my spine and body resulting from degenerative disc disease was also gone.

I had been experiencing strange attacks in different parts of my body from occultic targeting and had an odd heaviness and painful tension only on the left side of my head for 2.5 years and GOD & JESUS took it all away! I had bizarre attacks on many of my muscles and joints that came out of nowhere and afflicted me throughout my body. It caused me much limitation and pain, and GOD & JESUS took them ALL away too!!!

He took away massive menstrual bleeding that had been coming out like a flood of water in random spurts 6-8 times a day, which had been happening for almost 3 straight weeks resulting from occult targeting, BUT GOD and JESUS mended my reproductive area and normalized my bleeding and the massive bleeding stopped! HALLELUJAH!

The minister who had been praying over me while I was slain in the Spirit Sunday night had a gift of visions and she said while I was laid out she saw JESUS moving over areas of my body and healing me and then she said she saw a bright light and another presence had joined Him. Then she began to see SHEKINAH GLORY manifesting from the other presence and realized it was GOD HIMSELF working next to JESUS to mend me and bring me my full healing and deliverance! HALLELUJAH!!!

While I was at this service, I witnessed a woman with Multiple Sclerosis fully healed of it during the service and she walked out without it anymore! THANK YOU LORD FOR HEALING HER TOO!


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