A woman who has experienced pain with Bible beside her.

Delivered from Extreme Period Cramps (Mark 11:24)

Hello Everyone,

My name is Niki, and I am about share with my testimony about one of the miracles that the almighty performed in my life.

So, I would say that since 2020, I started experiencing period cramps, but I could deal with them and continue my daily activities since I have a high pain tolerance. However, everything changed around 2022-2023 where those period cramps became 100 times worse than before. They were so bad that I would throw up, couldn’t walk or about to faint.

During those days I would cry when I just thought about how my period is approaching and all that pain I went through as some days I just had to deal with it since I had to go to school and study. But I would never focus because of the pain to the point whenever I went to the nurse office, she knew already why I was there.

During those times I tried everything to try and reduce the pain. I tried working out since I had read that it’s beneficial. I tried home remedies. Even pain killers weren’t helping me, so I started doing my research and I was convinced it wasn’t normal and that maybe I had endometriosis. But I never went to do tests since I was so scared.

Recently I was praying to our father and I told him that I was tired, tired of feeling the pain, tired of crying every time I was on my period because of the pain. I told him to rest his hand on my lower stomach and deliver me from the pain I was feeling. A few days after I said that prayer I got my period, and I started being scared because I didn’t want to experience that pain ever again and I saw the verse,

Mark 11:24 NRSV says: “So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

After reading this powerful verse I had a quick crying session and then I told myself that nothing is impossible for my God and that he will deliver me from the period cramps, and I can proudly say that I had a painless period that month not even the smallest and tiny bout of pain was felt.

Therefore, I thought of sharing my testimony as I know there are many other women that are in a similar situation as I was.

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