Inside a Hospital: Doctors and Patients

Deliverance – Through Confession

I am married for about a year. Lord Jesus has been really good to me in every little thing for me. One day, I had been urinating and I was able to see blood drops. I told my husband, and we didn’t know what sickness it was.

So, I had a test and had taken medicines and there was some relief. During this time God reminded me to pray fervently which I was not doing. Again, after a month’s time, I had the same problem, and I visited another doctor. This doctor had an ultrasound done in me and said there is some growth in the bladder, and I need to go to a urologist. It was a long day since I couldn’t meet a urologist and visited another Hospital and things there also were a failure.

More than anything it was the stress and amidst it I didn’t seek God but thought Doctors could help. So, I came home that day and decided to pray. It was a long time since I had asked to confess my sins and ask forgiveness from God.  I was reminded of this by a minister who came home, and he asked me to confess my sins to God. A week later when I went to check there was no trace of any growth in my bladder and Praise God!!

Lesson Learnt: When God is with us, sometimes he just wants us to look to Him rather than any person in the world and unconfessed sin is Satan’s way of entering our lives.

I have been delivered by Christ!!!

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