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My Deliverance from Sin

About 35 years ago I gave my life to Jesus at the altar of Calvary Temple in Salem,OR. Little did I know I would struggle with sin as I grew older. I began to play with sin when I was young and did not confess to God of my sins or repent. I would sin and it was so much easier to just sin instead of resisting the urge. I started sinning so much it just became the way I lived, and I soon believed many of my sins were acceptable.

One day in December of 2021 I started to realize I had a deep emptiness in my soul. I was angry, sad, confused and unsatisfied with my life and myself. I started to feel a great urge to get back into church and get God back into my life. I was scared for my life, that my 9-year-old daughter would adopt my problems, and my disabled 14-year-old daughter would suffer if I did not change.

I started to search around for a full gospel church by my mom’s recommendation but after much searching I found New Testament Christian Church in my location. I tried bringing myself to go, but at first I would only stream the services which was better than no church at all. It still was not enough. I needed a real change.

I tried to go 1 day and actually drove to the church building but did not go in because I was late for service. It took me too long to load up my daughters and I didn’t want to be a disturbance to the church service so I turned around and went back home. Days later I had streamed more services and there was an announcement that there would be a special message from a guest pastor and not to miss a special word from him. I really made it a point not to be late this time.

On February 2nd 2022 I finally made it to the church. I sat down toward the back of the sanctuary with my daughters and listened to the guest pastor. I did not really comprehend what he was saying but I tried and paid attention all the way to the end. When we got to the end of service there was an altar call for prayer and I knew this is what I came here needing to do. I went up to the front near the altar because I felt I could not just go all the way to the altar. I just remember praying for things like asking for salvation, healing my life and to fill the void in my soul so I can feel right again.

After the service I didn’t feel any different that I can recall but there was a fellowship where the church was very accepting of us as newcomers.  That was one of my concerns of going to church and that my disabled daughter would be accepted.  I was also unsure if my 9-year-old daughter would like it, but when we had left the church, she asked me if we could go back to church again.

We continued to go back to church and after a few days I had realized God had delivered me from alcohol abuse which I had been wanting to stop on my own, but I did not have the power. God removed that evil from my life, and I now realize I absolutely need God for every aspect of my life. I also realized God had removed a lot of other sins from my life such as sexual addiction, selfishness and unforgiveness. I have also stopped listening to unholy music, stopped playing many video games or watching many movies. I have discovered that oftentimes these forms of entertainment glorify sin or make it seem acceptable when it is a complete lie.

To this day I have been faithfully attending church since February 2nd, 2022. Most weeks I am there 5 times a week. God has truly given me a feeling of satisfaction and peace in my life that I just want to pour out from my soul and spread to the entire world!

Jesus is real and alive brothers and sisters if you are feeling anything like I have or are faced with any struggles that seem hopeless. Just come to Jesus and confess your sins, ask for forgiveness and ask to be washed clean of all your sins so the Holy Spirit can reside in you, and you will be spared from eternal death and receive eternal life from Him.

Just keep seeking God and he will change you and you can finally feel satisfied.  You will feel right with God because we are his creation and he created us to love, worship, and praise him for all that he has done for us. We were also created to love him and ask for his help. Without God we are doomed to feel empty and confused. So please just try Jesus and assemble with the church just as God always intended for us. God bless you all my brothers and sisters!


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