Deliverance for a Relative

It was last Summer, and my spouse told me that our daughter had called us about a sickness in the family. The relative that I will call Susan, was in the hospital and was very much in need of prayer. My spouse told me that the exact problem was not mentioned, but prayer was much needed.

I didn’t know how to pray for a mystery illness but I made a general prayer and thought no more about it, until I awoke in the very middle of the night. When I awoke, everything was still and quiet, and there was a message playing in my head. Susan was very ill, and had tried to kill herself, and I was to get three people to pray for her physical, mental and spiritual healing. I was to ask my daughter to confirm it was a suicide attempt and then ask those three to start praying.  I was sure this was a real message, and when I went back to sleep, I dreamed of a man talking to me and he told me that Susan really had tried to kill herself.

The next morning, first thing,  I told my spouse what had happened and asked her to call our daughter for a confirmation. She told me that she doubted from the way she talked that it had been a suicide attempt, but then she said that it must have been something serious like that and so she called. Our daughter would not confirm or deny what I had said, but asked again for prayer, and we took this as a confirmation and three of us in the family began praying.  In time we learned that Susan had taken pills to kill herself, but a neighbor had come over in the middle of the night and had found her and called for an ambulance. She rightly thanks God for her life, and her salvation.

My daughter was amazed at what happened, and Susan has not tried to kill herself again, but is a person of major faith in Jesus Christ. Thanks to all who read this!

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