People Sharing Christian Testimonies

Death of My Son

My walk-in faith took a turn when I was 52 years old, just after the death of my only child.

I was living my life as a “normal person” or so I thought. In my younger years I believed we were good old boys, worked hard, played hard, drank hard, dishonest at times, had some hatred and anger but it was all good if no one got hurt. My life had developed deep rooted patterns of sin.

When I received the news that my 21-year-old son had committed suicide I knew that something drastic in my life was about to change forever, for the better or worse I wasn’t quite sure. What I was sure of is the feeling of tremendous hopelessness, despair and an inner peace that I thought was gone forever.

About 2 weeks after my son’s passing, I purchased a chain link fence on line that happened to be at a church close to my house. After arriving at the church, I met a man that I thought was in maintenance but as it turned out he was the Pastor. We spoke about my recent tragedy and the mood changed when we spoke about forgiveness. This was not debatable,

“You must forgive,”

he said. I must forgive my son, my ex-wife and most of all myself. I told my wife about the conversation and we started regular service the following Sunday and I couldn’t get enough of God’s word.

My life was changing I was thinking differently, believing differently, living and loving differently. Once I understood that Jesus pursued me, a hopeless sinner I was overwhelmed with emotion. My wife and I were baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I am now convinced trying to find peace and satisfaction in a broken world without Jesus can’t be done.

In August 2018 had the privilege to join three other members of the Calvary Church in Pembroke on a mission trip to Nigeria, Africa. While in Nigeria and meeting the different Pastors, I experienced some amazing work all in the name of our Lord. I made a promise to Rev. Dr. David Umune the President of the Evangelizers’ Team Ministries, myself and God to help in any way I can. With the unwavering support of the Calvary Baptist Church and my wife Kim I have been inspired to write a book of poems with the expectation to raise funds for mission work and glorify God.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed writing them. I would like to thank everyone in advance for your support.
With Love in Christ,
Rob Trombley