Person by Sea - Healing

Dead Baby Came back to Life

The Manifestation Of Matthew 10:8

The events of that day in 1998 still astound me to this day
The power of Almighty God is remarkable

I was ready to tape a radio broadcast that day
But something was pressing me not to go
I prayed but still had the same feeling
I called the station & tried to explain “IM not coming today”
As the day passed the feeling to stay home Increased
This was a powerful pull in my heart & spirit

Around 2 o’clock that afternoon
my neighbor came running into the yard
From the look on his face I knew something was bad wrong
He could only say call 911 PLEASE
when I finally got out of him what was wrong
He said its little David he’s dead Help Me

My wife called 911 while I ran to his house
As I approached they were all outside
The grandmother holding a lifeless 18 month old
Little David was completely blue all over
Hands ,arms ,face all blue
His mother stood screaming “OH GOD NO,NO”

There were in all about 10 people there by this time
I tried CPR working with him still nothing
As I began to loose my composure “heart breaking”
It hit me what I had not done PRAY
I could not speak,
I laid my hands on his little head & uttered God Please
At that very instant his chest rose up
His eyes opened and locked on me
That was a feeling I will never forget

That has been 10+ years now
Little David is a bright handsome healthy young man today
Full of life & happiness
I thank God for his life

God is still in the miracle working business today
Yes the same miracle maker
In our world today

This is the God I know a loving caring God
If you don’t know him you can
Just invite him to be
The Lord & Savior of your life
Seek him you will find him.

Matthew 10:8
Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers
raise the dead, cast out devils:
freely ye have received
freely give……………………….. So Praise God, Lets Start Giving !!!

In Christ
Pastor Will


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