Praying Girl

Dark Dreams

I have had quite a few pretty terrifying dreams concerning satan. The strange thing is that I don’t know why I was allowed to have these horrible dreams for a few years. My only conclusion is that they scared me so much, it made me see how real the enemy is and take christianity seriously. It started when  I was 17 and decided to become a christian from being born Jewish. The first dream I had, I saw myself rise out of my bed, and turn in a circle over my bed in a blue light. I think this symbolizes new life. Then after that happened though, satan or a demon came and sat at the side of my bed. He had a pale face, asexual features (neither male nor female), coal black eyes, and a black hat or head covering. His eyes bobbled furiously as he strangled me and then I woke up. I will never forget that image, it was so vivid.

To further convict me of the realness of the dream, was what my best friend said. She often has visions or God will talk to her. She told me (and I had never described my dream to her before) to rent the movie the Passion of the Christ  because God said he wanted me to see it and also she said “something about the eyes of satan” in that movie that I would relate to.

I finally watched it, had put it off for a while, but as soon as he came on screen, I was floored! The image how he was portrayed look exactly like my dream that I had about 3 yrs prior!!! 100% identical. The clothing, the face, the eyes especially, and even the movement. My dreams persisted for 3-4 years. I would wake up in the night sweating, having to change my t-shirt usually 2 times a night. Usually the choking thing would happen, or running from him, or just the feeling of being hopeless, trapped, and tortured and very afraid. The more I prayed before I went to bed the worse the dreams would be. I began to dread having to go to sleep. I was really confused with why God would let this happen to me. I still dont understand it all the way.

Anyways, finally my friend’s Aunt prayed over me and asked God to stop the dreams. After she prayed, they stopped immediately. She also told me she had seen me in a blue light while praying which reminded me of my first dream! I have had other dreams since then but not terrifying like those were. I had a dream concerning my college. I was about to graduate and had a very real dream that I was still enrolled in  a class I was sure I dropped a while ago in exchange for picking  up another class. In my dream I saw that I was still enrolled in this class. There was no way but just for curiosity sake, i checked my curriculum online and sure enough I was enrolled in  a class I thought I had dropped and had an F in, which would prevent me from graduating. So I talked to my professors and explained the situation, and I was able to drop the class for real this time and just in time.  Two more weeks and it would have been too late!

The most recent dream I had featured my grandmother and my uncle’s wife (my uncle passed away) battling over his possesions. In the dream she was featured as a demon with other demons and weapons. Her eyes were yellow and I knew in my dream she had jaundice. I didnt even know what that was or the symtoms but I looked it up and found out yelllow eyes are the symtoms for jaundice. I really don’t know what the significance of that dream was, other than perhaps, it was showing some kind of unseen battle going on. I’m not sure though. I do know that dreams can be very real and powerful. If anyone has any feedback on what I’ve written, Id be glad to hear it.