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God Healed My Dandruff

Praise Report! I’m so happy to say that God healed my dandruff problem. I’ve been having terrible dandruff since I started having hormone problems. I have tried everything to alleviate the itch and flaking and nothing had worked (Shampoos, remedies).

So, two days ago, I got fed up, I grabbed my anointing oil they gave me in church and put a little mixed with my shampoo. I told God that this would be my medicine and for him to get to the root of the problem. I had been washing my hair like this for two days, and surprisingly the dandruff is all gone!

Praise Jesus, he even takes care of dandruff!


  1. Staci 9/24/2018
  2. Agbo Ogechukwu Deborah 9/15/2023
  3. Agbo Ogechukwu Deborah 9/15/2023

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