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Our Lord Jesus Saved My Dad And Delivered My Family from Financial Debts


I am residing in Singapore. I was exposed to Christianity at a young age as I was enrolled in Christian School.  I believe in CHRIST, but I gradually stray away when I was in my teens. I also started stealing things. It’s kinda like a roller coaster throughout my teens to young adulthood.

I also got into sexual addiction (lust and masturbation) at a young age, and I had difficulty in breaking free from it. The habit clings on to me for decades. Though I attend Church services, but I do not have to freedom from the sinful habit. At one point, it got worse that it results into perversion acts.

I got married in my 30’s. Praise our LORD JESUS. I thought I would stay single for the rest of my life, but I believe my LORD has a wonderful plan for me. When I got married, the family expenses gradually escalated when my first child is born. I went from using multiple credit cards to the use of bank loans.

Eventually, I incurred debt of almost 100k. I was literally afraid, and I did not even relate the matter to my wife for fear that it may affect my marriage as well. I live in fear regularly. I stole work time to pray with my close friend.

Somewhere in end of 2009, my dad was diagnosed with cancer and in the final stages of illness.

I was worried and fearful that financial situation will lead to bankruptcy and termination of employee service from my company.

In Jan 2010, I was afraid that I went to contact the Church to request a Pastor to pray for me.  The Pastor consented and arranged an appointment with me the following day.

During the appointment with the Pastor, I heard a voice that came to me. “Go and tell your wife. I will help you.”  But I was afraid, and I didn’t obey my LORD.

My wife was pregnant then and she given birth to a son in April 2010.

As for my Dad’s condition, I contacted a local church to send people to witness to him. Through a series of events, my Dad received CHRIST and went home to be with our LORD in Year 2010.

In Jan 2011, In the evening, while I was driving, I asked the LORD for a sign that HE would save me from the debts soon. The following day, I was chatting with a colleague while driving.  Suddenly my colleague said “HE (GOD) will clear the payments for you” in the midst of the conversation. I believe my LORD has answered my prayer request for a sign that HE will deliver me from my debts.

As lead by the LORD in Feb 2011, I told my wife the amount of debt we owe the banks.

I thank GOD that she was calm, and we pray together. We started praying together more often. Shortly we rented out one of the rooms in our house to get additional income. In mid 2011, we decided to sell our house and the transaction were completed before the end of the same year.

The value of the sale proceed was more than doubled as compared to what we pay for the house. We paid off the whole debts and we eventually moved to a premier neighbourhood with our 3 sons 2 years later.

I want to encourage those who are going through a financial situation. Seek HIM (Read the Bible on King Hezekiah and King Jehoshaphat. What they did when Israel faced with a massive enemies)

Keep praying. Keep praising our DADDY GOD in faith.

Pray with a friend or your partner regularly. I want to thank my close friend for praying for me.

Do NOT shrink back but tithe your income regularly (This is also an expression of your faith in HIS promises.)

Malachi 3: 6-12

6 “I the Lord do not change. So, you, the descendants of Jacob, are not destroyed. 7 Ever since the time of your ancestors you have turned away from my decrees and have not kept them. Return to me, and I will return to you,” says the Lord Almighty.

“But you ask, ‘How are we to return?’

8 “Will a mere mortal rob God? Yet you rob me.

“But you ask, ‘How are we robbing you?’

“In tithes and offerings. 9 You are under a curse—your whole nation—because you are robbing me. 10 Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it. 11I will prevent pests from devouring your crops, and the vines in your fields will not drop their fruit before it is ripe,” says the Lord Almighty. 12 “Then all the nations will call you blessed, for yours will be a delightful land,” says the Lord Almighty.


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