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Could it be?

About a year ago, I met someone from church. She’s a great friend, a great talker, and willing to grow in God. I later had a dream that changed everything, not in a bad way but would have kept me in question. My dream: I was walking down the street on a beautiful morning and I see her waiting for me at the bus stop. We talked, and all of a sudden, she turns around and I hugged her by wrapping my arms around her waist.  At that moment, she smiled at said to me ” I feel so safe with you”, and she seemed completely content like if everything was going to be okay and because I was someone who was there for her. Then the bus show’s up and we hop on, and off we go. On our way somewhere, like if we were going on a trip. Although I don’t know where, all it mattered that we were together. That was my dream last summer.

Since then , I have spent time with her, talking, etc. Nothing of relationship. But that dream was always there, could it be a dream or something more? About a month ago, I was lying in bed thinking about her, how she was doing, just missing her and then I thought about the dream again. So at that moment, I prayed, that God would confirm this that either she is for me or not. The moment after I stopped praying, I got a notification on my phone . It was from her, she said thank you for being a great friend.. I was blown away!!!! I laughed because this was right after I prayed.

Last weekend, we saw each other, which was after a while of not seeing one another because of school. We spoke briefly and then she had to go. I was bothered by that because it’s been a few weeks and we didn’t really talk.. it was kinda hi and bye. so I felt that she was being insensitive. The following day, still thinking about what transpired. I another notification from my phone, it was her again! and she texted me to apologize, that even though she was in a rush, she didn’t realize how she came off (I NEVER TOLD HER HOW THAT BOTHERED ME IN THE FIRST PLACE!). I asked her if she thought I was mad at her, which she said no, but felt bad. Anyway, she has no idea how much I needed to her that.

It’s like whenever these moments occur when I think about her, I’ve prayed about it for so long, constantly asking for God’s confirmation. I believe that strongly as God confirm a few years ago through another dream that the girl I had been talking to at the time, wasn’t for me.

that’s my story.. I don’t know if I should tell her, I mean I want to! but I am not sure what’ll happen as nothing as happened between us.