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hey my names rob 25 years born and raised in wellington newzealand and married for 4 years with one child . I suffer from a sickness called Charcotmarietooth syndrome ,which ive carried with me since the age of 13 . at the time when the doctors told me the sad news that their was no cure i was really down and was falling apart because i just started high school and as we all know at that age its when you start to go through the best times of life,high school and i felt i was cut short because now i couldn’t do what normal kids could do like play sports,run,and any activities i had to sit passion was sports but now i had to find a new one so i found music which is everything to me now.i got married at the age of 21 and have 1 child but this is when i ask for you all who’s taken up time to read this to pray for me please . at times i feel useless because i cant do what normal fathers can do like run around with their kids,work to produce for their family’s .i have lost my confidence to find a job or go back to studying and feel as if Im a worthless father,brother,friend and person and don’t know where i stand right now.why did i have to get chosen to have this sickness .i look at all the bad people in the world and ask why couldn’t they get the sickness.Jesus please don’t be mad ,for this is the first time in my life im feeling really down and really lost


  1. Marco Weiss 10/30/2009
  2. Bradford Hutchinson 11/21/2009
  3. juan 12/18/2009
  4. Joie 12/26/2009
  5. Nicky 4/15/2010
  6. chris 5/27/2010
  7. Sue 6/16/2010
  8. charlie 9/8/2010

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