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Confused and Impatient

My boyfriend ended our 7 yr relationship about 2 months ago. Everything after that happend so fast. Within those two months I became closer to God and have been blessed with many answers from God.

I moved out and he moved out to live at his brother’s house. I’ve prayed for him and for him to become closer to God. Funny thing is god answered my prayer. He texted me yesterday saying he was going to stay away from his friends for awhile and go to church as well. It’s hard for us to stop contact 100% because we still have bills to pay together. So we’ll text only about that and when God would give signs to let him know he wants him to get closer to him. I’ve felt I’ve done my part in that and its up to god and him to go through the rest.

I’m just really confused because it’s sooo hard to let go completely and let God do his work. I’ve prayed about it but i don’t know I guess I’m scared to let go fully for the fact being that there’s a chance that my ex fiance wont be in my future.

I am so heart broken …from the bottom of my heart I feel like he is my soulmate and so many coincidences between us. I don’t know if I should pray for God to return him to me because it might be selfish of me to do that since it doesn’t let god do what he has to do with my future. But I am scared and so impatient to know if whether he’ll be my furture husband.

How do I pray to ask God this… or to reveal to me if he is my soulmate or not?