Girl thinking about her relationship with fiance

Confused 20 Year Old

I have been in a relationship for 13 months now. I am in my second year of varsity, and I met my boyfriend last year September. I am in love with him and love him so passionately.

I found God while in our relationship and have managed to grow in my faith with Him as well as it has made my relationship stronger. However, I still have moments of dependency on my boyfriend or moments of doubts, when I know I should be relying on God. Recently I have had a calm whisper in my head saying.

“Let him go…”

I am assuming The Lord is talking about my boyfriend? But I don’t know why?

To be fair I have discovered a lot of myself while in a relationship and haven’t really taken the time to reflect and allow God to take control… so I know what I need to do but I’m scared of the aftereffect. I’m in a happy and healthy relationship, so apart from God telling me to let him go, I am fine… I don’t know.


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