As I opened the cafeteria door in sister Ruth Heflin’s Camp, to go up to the room just given to Lorie and me, my eyes met a youngster’s eyes, which I recognized to be demonic. He was all bewitched. Yet…I felt that my duty, as a child of God, was to love him. So I went and hugged him.

The rest was God!

During the next two days HE WAS AFTER ME, wherever I went, he was there, not yet understanding it all.

As I sat in the cafeteria, he approached me, and said to me “I want to be delivered.” He then confessed that he was there to break the power of God in the camp, and added that the love of God was felt through me, and that for 25 years he never received a hug from anyone…

God’s compassion came over me…I just loved him…I explained what he must do, he confessed in writing a long list of his demonic involvements, which were many, and folded it, not for my eyes to see. I took authority in Yeshua [Jesus] Name, He then vomited it all, and was delivered!

Then we went into his room and cleaned all idolatry from his room, putting them into a black plastic bag and with his long folded list he threw them into fire.

At that moment, his eyes and face changed, they became light, he became a new person, his hands were made straight. God made the transformation before our very eyes!

The next day Christopher was not found. I wondered if he went back to idolatry.

When he came back I asked him, “Where have you been?”

He then answered that he went to Richmond Town and preached in the streets.

Praise His Name Forever!

Before he left the camp, I prayed for him, washed his feet, anointed him, blessed him and sent him with words of wisdom.

He left with two precious brothers that came to accompany him into his new adventure and journey with God!


Marlene Malachi
© Mishkan Ed
marlene_cohen at hotmail dot com


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