Girl in front of Christian School

Christ Changed My Identity

When I was a baby, I was neglected and exposed to many sexual things and substances. I was adopted at three and had been taken from my family a few times due to how unsafe I was. People tried to kill me, and I lived in a car with my mom for a period of time.

I grew up going to a catholic school and was bullied a lot. I moved schools 2 times. My parents fought constantly, and I didn’t know God. He was taught as a far-off person in history. Eventually, my parents got divorced when I was 11 and my parents had split custody.

My father’s anger turned toward me, and I became depressed. I was self-harming a ton and was high risk for suicide. My anxiety was crippling. My dad abused and assaulted me every time I went over. I stayed silent.

I also moved schools again and this time I went to a Christian school, where I was able to find God. It wasn’t over night, but God has completely restored my joy and hope. My anxiety isn’t bad anymore. I was able to open up to my mom and Christ has changed who I am 1000000%. My identity is no longer in my trials and hurts but now as being loved my God in the midst of everything. My identity is now in Christ, knowing that He is and always will be enough for me.


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