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Chained to a Broken Heart

Hi my name is Ayana and I had a boyfriend who treated me sooo wrong cheated on me with his so called “best friend” which is a girl, and has a new girlfriend who wants to beat me up. His mom doesn’t like me and I’m asuming its because he has told her lies about me trying to make it seem like I treated him wrong. I have to go to the same church as them and everytime I go my ex, his mom and new girlfriend have this devilish look in there eyes like they’ve won. It seems like their happy but I feel thats not fair cause they did me wrong when I did nothing but loved him and he hurt me. Everyone in the church thinks his mom is so saved and sweet but she’s rude to me and doesn’t like me but when she’s in front of the church people she acts nice to me but I know the truth. I feel like they have won cause they seem happy and I’m in sooo much pain.When I use to date him he would never want to hold or kiss me in public but at the church he kissed her and hold her. How come he does me wrong but he gets someone to show off at church in front of me but I don’t have a guy to show off in front of him. He knows it hurts me and that makes him happy. Everytime he hurts me he smiles. I want to kill myself. I feel like God is on there side and now a lot of people hate me because of him which he has probably told them lies about me. I have cut my arm so many times and tried suicide but god won’t let me go. Why me? When am I really going to be free from my ex? HELP ME!!!!


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