I am Qualified by God to Become a Certified Cheer Coach

I was nowhere to be found! I was lost! I have no idea where to go! Lots of pressure and doubts are invading my mind! Should I listen more to what I believe is best for me or emerge myself to the opinions of others (because they think that their thoughts are ‘best’ for me)?

Goodness! It is lonely to be on this rough road! No one understands how I exactly feel! I can’t even tell my parents too, it’s not because I don’t have trust in them but there are things that we can’t tell them, right? I believe that I also don’t have a place on earth.


I Did Not Realise that God will GIVE me more than what I asked for!

The Intros…

Back in 2017, I found my interest in taking cheerleading to the fullest when I saw a social media for an adult cheerleading club throughout my dream uni. Only students at my dream uni can participate in the club, however. At the same time, I am quite confident that I can showcase my skills as I was a worship dancer in a church that I used to attend. Therefore, I am treasuring this dance experience in the long term. Although I do not have much formal training in dance or cheer through dance schools or cheer club, an inner spark for this sport have filled me.

How did my inner spark for this sport have grown?

Well, when I started to perform in church service as a dancer like I mentioned, personally, I become more interested to learn about the depths and history of dancing. Like how it is used to entertain, communicate, and the opportunities that are involved in these performing arts.

When I was a kid, I enjoyed watching a lot of dancers whether it was on TV or performing for school, festivities, and other events. I always loved the glam, glitters, sparkly items, and the smiling faces of each performer. Apart from these, I am also mesmerized by the tricks and techniques that they have the ability to execute.

My mother enrolled me in a ballet school when I was younger. I totally indeed enjoyed my time over there! I always loved the ballet leotards, shoes, and stockings! Mostly, what I enjoyed so far is how we execute the stretching! Unfortunately, my mom pulled me out of school. I was so sad, and I don’t really have an idea of any reason.

Since then, I was asking myself, ‘am I not taking this seriously?’ or ‘Are we just out of finance?’ and it’s so sad that this opportunity has been taken from me! Until now, my mom told me the real reason is that my ballet teacher told her that I am not cooperating well and I am not synching well with the music.

Moreover, back in my primary school years, I was always the victim of taunts and bullies when it comes to my dancing. Nobody points out the ‘specific, mistakes or errors I have done when I perform whether it is for musicality or execution of techniques but instead, I had just been given feedback of mockery and laughter.

This made me discouraged in pursuing my dance hobby/recreation and was also asking God why did you give me this curse? Of course, I don’t have the right to complain to God after all, because we ourselves are accountable for each choice that we select.

Well enough with the past! We all make mistakes, and we have the right ‘TIME ZONE’ for our dreams, right?

Honestly, I almost thought that dancing become my frustration in life until…

My church leader has encouraged me to try dancing and she even tells me to keep on doing it! There may be times that I was in a rough situation and had to deal with mean comments, but praise be to God, I won this battle! Not to mention, that I was also introduced to a variety of dance styles, and people told me that I’m improving and becoming a good dancer.

At first, I’ll be honest, I became the victim of criticism even from the pastors (but don’t worry, they’re just being honest though)! However, one day, one of the pastors called me out and we had a private conversation he said ‘Well done! You became a better dancer! I am so proud of your journey and keep it up!’

This spirit of appraisal fires up my heart and confidence! So, I was like, ‘THANK YOU, GOD!’

Thus, this journey and experience started a spark towards this sport, and this makes me believe that God works in mystery sometimes. Like you’ll never know what will happen next and you won’t expect God to do such a thing!

My Passion for Cheerleading is just the Beginning

A few years later, God has shown His promise that He will give me my desire to pursue a qualification at a degree level. Well, I’ll talk to you through this journey on to my next blog! This means that I am also definitely qualified to also join the uni’s cheer squad!

I was living my best life, studying at a more challenging level, and making the cheer team! I was also assigned to become a flyer! The people in my cheer team are so so kind, much to the opposite of the ‘cheerleader stereotypes.’ I made lifelong friends and got to know other people who are doing the same course as me! Until I was told off to…

‘Stop participating in that club, because the name itself contradicts God’s.’

I admit that the name of the club that I joined has associated with the name of Satan but I was justifying to myself that it has nothing to do with affecting my obedience to God.

The worst thing is that not only I am unable to drive (because no one supports my decisions here and I do not have my probationary license where I can drive independently) but also there is no opportunity to cheer in my town as there are no available clubs for adults. I have experienced anxiety, rush, and discouragement.

There are also some people with who I used to hang out, that tell me that I should ‘throw off’ my cheer recreation or career. They were always suggesting anything that they think that is best for me.

I always hear this quote, ‘Why do wanted to be a cheerleader? Why don’t you be like this instead?’ Like sheesh, at least I have something to goal right??? And they must be also happy that I am not doing anything to abuse me.

Despite these harsh comments, I remain still in my dreams! Although, I become a prisoner of my grudges toward those who put me down. So I am doing ways to prove to myself that I will find the right group of people who respects my decision and understand my dreams and make me feel secure and confident in my decision-making.

This is so sad when people criticized every bit of you. However, of course, I stayed away from those ‘toxic’ people who force me to be someone that they expect me to be!

Well, my purpose for participating in a sport or physical activity is not only to get fit, but I love how I get to know people and make camaraderie. I tried other sports too, but I always prefer the glam ones! ? Besides, they’re not really my cup of tea, so this is also how my desire for cheer comes along the way!

When I saw this quote (credits to Pinterest), I realized that every good and assuring deed always comes from Him! I am also so relieved that I am starting to know who God really is. Additionally, I have gained a pearl of wisdom that I can discern if criticism comes from evil. What a relief! Therefore, any confusion and knotty paths have been straightened and smoothened because I already know who is God, and let me tell you this darls; God is very caring and understanding and He will not give us anything that will rupture our souls. What I love about God is that He can be your best friend and a Father whom you can tell off anything! There is no limit when it comes to Him!

My Plan for Starting a Cheer Squad

My passion for cheerleading is always on fire despite the fact of so many obstacles that I need to jump over. During the pandemic, since we are all in isolation, the idea of starting my cheer squad transpired to my mind. My inspiration for this decision came out when I saw different cheer organisations outside the world including the USA where they perform for a cause that supports the LGBT.

I was giving myself a talk and I said to myself ‘Alright, if they perform for supporting LGBT, well why not perform for funding for donations and charitable purposes.’

During that time period, I did a lot of research regarding:

  • The administration systems of non-profit clubs
  • Where to find cheer coaches
  • The cost of facilities where the team would practice and store the donation goods
  • The events in our town where we can perform
  • Using my marketing skills to promote this organisation
  • The rules regarding collecting donations
  • Where to recruit performers.
  • The required licenses and insurances.
  • Bus coaches for traveling to the other parts of the state.

I was at the peak of researching and doing my studies at uni. I believe that everything is falling into place especially the fact that there are some people who strongly believe in me and that also includes my Christian friends and my driving instructor who happens to be a Christian.


A former dance studio owner told me that I will never ever achieve my dream cheer squad just because I do not possess the same qualification as hers. This has cost my mental health, and the worst is I am still recovering from my mental issues during that time which dragged me off through a deep depression. I can’t tell my parents the real reason for my downfall but instead, I just kept lying to their faces and try to cover them with different problems to make it look like I am in the midst of dark suffering.

What depreciates my self-worth, self-value, and especially my character is when I compared myself to every cheerleader and dancer of all ages, professional levels, and skills. Whenever I see people achieving their dreams and/or looking like they’re having fun and especially living their best lives or a fairytale, I am also blaming God for why He allowed me to go through this. I was asking God why I didn’t have the right dance teacher before. I was also in anger at why He let other people always discourage me.

Other people here have told me that I am just dancing for nothing and they’re pretending that they cannot understand what I am saying to make me feel that I am unintelligent. One of the dance institutions here, which is quite stingy told me to stop calling on their organization and never come back.

There are no dance institutions that can offer dance courses here in town. Otherwise, you have to go to the city but unfortunately, it’s too far for me and the fact that I can’t drive independently is another big hindrance. On the contrary, it is important to have dance experience to pass your auditions for dance courses.

Seriously in my dance/cheer passion, all I have received was nothing but hate and discouragement in my environment. I have to keep them to myself because otherwise, I will end up receiving discouragement and one-upmanship from other people.

Look I always wanted to learn to dance when I was younger but really, there’s no opportunity to grow and learn from your mistakes.

My rough road has made me take down my studies and thus be stuck on taking breaks. It also cost me to fail my probationary driver’s license and fail one of my units.

Despite my failures and hurtful experiences, I always knew that God is always in control. He made a way to connect with people in different parts of the world virtually. I made them share my passion for cheer and they kept on telling me that I should not give up and they even encourage me to coach them! They are genuine friends who are always welcome to give me a pep talk!?

In the year 2021, my reassurance and confidence have been lifted, because I have met a lot of people who give me ideas of any alternatives that I can do without having to do the course that the former dance studio owner required me to do so. I still experience comparing myself to others, but I believe that God will give me my heart’s desire. There may be some tough gigs during that year, but I am grateful enough that my knowledge and alternatives of what I can do for starting a cheer squad are starting to expand.

Additionally, I met a lot of dancers worldwide and especially in the US. Some of them are professional dancers and I even took classes from them! What amazes me is their kind and genuine personality who is always sharing their tips and experiences to help people not just for their own interests.

When You Realised that God is NOT Neglecting You…

I would say that this is the best part of the story that I wanted to share with yous. This year 2022, I never ever realised that this was going to be a breakthrough in my cheerleading dream. Since we are all affected by COVID-19, every education must be represented virtually. It has a huge advantage for me personally, as I don’t have my probationary license to drive independently. The cheer governing body development officer in my state is very kind and their personality is far from the arrogant student coordinator I encountered through phone calls.

So, I signed up for the cheer coach credentialing education and the great thing about it is anyone can start their cheer career but of course, they have to start from the basics like what I did. Then I decided to credential for Level 1 Cheer Coach. During the education sessions, every representative is very gentle, friendly, and selfless. I did have a lot of fun working and learning with them and even the other students are very considerate!

Although I definitely cherish my experience with them which is absolutely the most fun part. I have passed my theoretical exam and practical exam (the workshop part)!

This means that I am already a CERTIFIED CHEER COACH!

Haha, because of my uncontained happiness, I decided to share my accomplishment with my friends who are also looking forward to seeing my progress. The Instagram post here is proof of the accomplishment of my goal! However, it was hacked so I have a new account!?

Also, the bonus part is I can also coach All-Star Dance such as Poms, Jazz, Hip Hop, or Lyrical as long as you have your Working With Children’s Check! How great is that! Not only do I save up thousands of dollars just to finish the qualification that the former dance teacher told me, but I can also teach more!

Currently, I am also on my way to pursuing my Level 2 Coach Credentialing and having my own dance school where I can coach every one of any age and level. You can be as young as 5 or be a centenarian, there is always a team for you in my future class! Plus, we will have the opportunity to perform at different events.

Well, recently, I just got my credentials stepping up to level 2! I admit though that the written exam is challenging personally. At my first attempt, I didn’t reached the 80% passing for the quiz which gave me some shivers. However, God is good that He gave me enough wisdom to understand the techniques in different stunting and tumble! Woohoo!

I have now upgraded to become a certified level 2 cheer coach!!!

At the same time, I have finished my other Cheer Coach certificate from the NFHS (the governing body for extracurricular in the US) where I can be able to coach the scholastic cheer team and I can definitely use this tool for other skills despite the fact that I am currently residing in Aussie.

What also makes me keep on striving, is the fact that I am also working smarter to become a professional cheerleader! At the moment, I have been eating very clean and I also cut off from meats and the majority of dairies although I have been incorporating vegetables and fish into my dietary needs. I am conditioning my whole body regarding my flexibility, strength, power, balance, and energy! Taking classes from different teachers is very helpful and as well as being aware of different dance moves based on your chosen style.

Regardless of the hardships and doubts that I am going through in everyday life, I am still proud to say that these challenges molded me into a better version of myself.

I was so overwhelmed, full of excitement, and can’t even rest my eyes because of the promise that God never throws away. All of the tears, doubts, hard work, failures, and hate are worth it. You know why, it’s simply because as you strive harder in the dark times, you will eventually see the LIGHT and you are that LIGHT of your own!

I never ever thought that once a curse for me becomes one of my greatest passions that I can’t live without! I can’t thank enough God for His unconditional grace for giving me the privilege of proving to myself that I am strong enough to reach this far. I can’t believe that my thought-to-be hobby becomes one of a career that is written for me.

Please! Please! Please! If any of you are reading this blog right now, all I want you to focus on is your dreams and avoid these hurtful moments, you have to mold your goals in life, so everyone will be blessed within your decisions and especially YOU!

If you are going through things, please do not hesitate to open up your frustrations. You can always call your local counsel, talk to your trusted friends and/or family or you can always chat with me! I love giving pep talks.

Have a CheerFull Day Peeps! x

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