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Celebrating the Small Wins (No Pain in Keratoconus Procedure)

Hi Guys,

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to share my recent experience with you. In December 2022, I was diagnosed with keratoconus. Unlike many stories, I woke up one morning with irritation and extreme blurred vision in my left eye.

A few days later, an ophthalmologist diagnosed me with the condition in both eyes, with my left eye being so severe that I would need a full graft corneal transplant to regain even partial vision in that eye, which I have yet to have. I was also told that I would need crosslinking on my right eye to strengthen it and stop the progression.

This news terrified me, not only because I would be practically blind for a few days while healing but also because of the pain everyone told me I would experience. Doctors informed me that the healing process would be extremely painful and that I would be given a ton of painkillers.

When the day of the procedure finally arrived, I cried out to God in frustration. I had already been going through so much, and I felt betrayed by Him. I asked Him why He would let me go through something so painful, knowing I had an extremely low pain tolerance.

Long story short, I had crosslinking done in January, and despite what the doctors were saying and what everyone was telling me about their experience, I experienced no pain whatsoever. I was able to see, though a little blurry, the next day, and after seven days, I was back to normal.

Though the process hasn’t been easy, I feel lucky and blessed to have experienced no pain. I had practically no support and no money. I know it could be no one but God, and I told Him I would share my story, and this is me doing so. I’m still hopeful that I will be healed, but I think it’s important to celebrate the small wins.


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