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I Cast out a Demon in the Name of Jesus

About 6 years ago, I had a terrifying experience yet also a powerful one. I want to share this story with you. I had a friend who was not a Christian. I spoke to him about Christ. We spoke and I tried to convert him, yet it was unsuccessful. He told me he did not want to be a Christian because of some tragic event that happened to him in the past. I had a feeling that he was not being honest, but I couldn’t figure out the truth.

One night, we talked online, laughing and joking when all of a sudden, it felt as if he swallowed something bitter, his personality changed into a different being, an evil being, he became very hateful, angry, and violent. He laughed very sinisterly and loudly. I was shocked, frozen with fear, unable to move, I thought he was joking so I basically told him if he didn’t stop joking, I would do something humorous.

He yelled he didn’t care and claimed he was Satan; he changed his profile picture to a picture of a demon. I was overwhelmed with a supernatural fear. I thought to myself “Maybe he’s crazy, maybe he needs help.” I then reasoned to myself “I doubt it, I don’t think crazy people act like this, this fear is supernatural because I’m usually not afraid of people who act a little weird but what am I afraid of? This doesn’t make sense.”

I heard so much about demons, about witches and the powers of Satan. I heard that some have the power to read what’s on your mind and I heard of a man who was possessed and became very strong yet the pastor and the witnesses of that room said that an invisible hand pushed him down when they prayed. I never imagined that I would ever encounter an evil spirit. I felt so weak, I trembled.

The evil spirit laughed wickedly in a voice that was not human and like some ugly and large creature, he mocked me and terrorized me. I tried to call my mom but my mouth was frozen, no one in my house could see me and I felt like no one could help me. I prayed to God

“God help me.”

I then heard a voice tell me

“Hey, its me, don’t be afraid, I’m with you, I want you to command it to leave in the name of Jesus.”

I was afraid. I told god

“No, I’m not ready. I need to prepare, I need to be more consecrated.”

He then told me

“I will never let you face something that you won’t be able to bear. I will help you.”

I gained courage and told the evil spirit possessing my friend to leave in the name of Jesus, he laughed and yelled

“Jesus is not lord!”

and made vulgar remarks about me and Jesus. I kept rebuking and suddenly I was filled with the Holy Ghost and felt the courage to yell

“Go away in the name of Jesus!”

and quoted scriptures, he yelled blasphemies but then he just yelled as if he were burning. He told me to stop using the name of Jesus and finally he threatened to kill me but after I rebuked it one final time, it left along with my fear. My friend who was possessed, fell face down on his desk as he later told me and acted as if he were unconscious.


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