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Campus Awakening Berkeley

Campus Awakening Berkeley December Field Report – Written By David D’dough and Edited by Zachary Gudelunas

To kick off the December outreach at Berkeley we spent some time just worshipping on the campus. After a while Zachary started to go up to pray for people so I started to do the same. The first one was a guy in a wheelchair. I quickly shared a testimony with him and then prayed for him. I am amazed at how many people are content with where they are and are quick to say, “we’ll see over time. “After lunch we broke up into teams to go invade Berkeley. I went on the Healing Team and we didn’t make it even a block away from where we started and for the entire hour and a half that we were there. Right off the bat the power of God started to show up. Healing a woman of problems in her ankle that caused her to need a cane. She told Zachary that she was wanted to get involved with the ministry we were associated with because she wanted the freedom we carried and not just some form of religion or service. Then she came back to find us about 10 minutes later carrying her cane that had helped her to walk and tried to pay us for the miracle of healing!

Libby and I started to pray for a man who is paralyzed. He broke his neck 36 years ago and has been in a wheelchair ever since. The first time nothing happened. Then Michael and asked if he had anything else that we could pray for. So he starts praying that God would use him and meanwhile I get in front of the man and lay my hands on his legs. I could tell that he was started to get touched and sure enough after Michael finishes praying he says I felt something when you had your hands on my legs. I again share the testimony of the woman getting feeling in her legs and we get his permission to pray again. So I go again and lay my hands on his legs just thanking God for what He has done and asking for more. Well, God is faithful and showed up some more. I asked him if he was feeling the power on the bottom of his right foot and sure enough he was. God was really touching him. I got his information to keep in contact with him and am gonna keep praying that God finishes his miracle.

While we were praying for him, Zachary started talking to another lady. I found out later that she was drawn into us by the presence of God. The kingdom had come to that street corner. She could feel our “energy”! Zachary asked if she had need of healing. She had problems with her knee and her ankles had some metal bolts. Zachary declared that the metal bolts would dissolve. Then him and Libby prayed for her and the pain just left, instantly. She felt like she was floating. She said that she couldn’t feel the bolts anymore. Then she started “prophesying” saying how she has been waiting for us for 20 years, the “Joshua Generation” she called it. She has been praying that people would come to San Francisco/Berkeley and be radical for God and take back the cities and campuses. She was so excited. This really isn’t doing it all justice but she was thrilled that we were there and later on when Michael and I saw her again she started telling us some more and is going to be interceding for us. C’mon God! Berkeley is yours!

This “Joshua Generation” encounter was a real divine conformation because all day Zachary kept hearing in the spirit the words of Moses to Joshua merged with the word of the Lord give to Mario Murillo 40 years earlier at Berkeley saying, “Be strong and of good courage for I have give Berkeley into your hand!” It’s time! For the finishing of bondage cycles is fulfilled and it’s the season of captivity being broken over Berkeley.

To top it off, Zachary led a guy to the Lord and prayed for his equilibrium to be restored (he had a stroke and now had trouble walking and problems with his vision). The man had just “prayed” two days earlier for purpose and prophetically it was revealed to him through this divine encounter and he was excited about entering into his destiny. He was then introduced to the One-Step program for he was attending a 12-Step program was not doing so great. After receiving prayer for salvation he was light up. He got a “Sozo”; he was now saved, healed, and delivered.

God is moving in power. Literally there was an open heaven wherever we stood. We stayed at the same intersection the whole time of the outreach. We could only get as far as crossed the street after lunch before the kingdom broke in and wherever the soul of our feet where there was a demonstration of power and glory.