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Called Out of Islam

My name is Faiz. As a young man, I never saw Christianity in my future. Living in South Africa, I was raised as a Muslim but attended a private Catholic school because it was the only private school in town. “I knew who Jesus was but I didn’t take it seriously,” I remembered. Despite my Catholic environment, I began fasting and attending a local mosque to pray at age 12 and vowed to study Islam more deeply once I graduated high school.

I met a young Roman Catholic woman and we began to date. Without knowing too much about either faith, she said she would be willing to convert to Islam if necessary, as it seemed that my life was on track. But as they discussed their faiths, I told her some of the things I had learned from my religious instructors, including that Allah promised heaven to His people if they kill non-Muslims, and that Muslims have the right to kill or otherwise alienate those who convert away from Islam. This shocked my girlfriend and she withdrew her offer to convert. She, in turn, asked me questions I couldn’t answer, such as “Why would a God of love command His people to kill others? Why was I allowed to study and pray only in Arabic? Confused, I asked my instructors for answers, but was only told not to blaspheme Allah’s name by questioning Him.

After this, I lost faith in Islam and all religions. I saw a world full of gods and religions but no truth. I spent two years becoming involved with the world: smoking, drinking, partying and using drugs.

“I was messing up my life.”

We got married after dating for five years, and we retained our family’s religions but didn’t truly practice either one. One day, however, my brother-in-law showed me the Amazing Facts “Final Events” DVD with Pastor Doug. Its content, about the events that signal the soon coming of Jesus, surprised and scared me. “I didn’t want to believe it at all,” I remembered, “but looking at the signs today, it is real proof that Jesus is coming soon.” I knew I had to verify or disprove what I learned by checking the Bible for himself. “This is how God guided me.”

My brother-in-law was a Seventh – day Adventist, and he invited me and my wife to worship with him one Sabbath. “I thought he was crazy,” I remarked. But something about Sabbath worship resonated in my heart, and I resolved to learn more about the topic. Along with other resources, I watched Pastor Doug’s DVD titled “Seventh-day Adventists – Cult or Christian?” to learn more about this Sabbath-keeping church. I finally found Amazing Facts’ website, and became convinced. “There were too many proofs,” I thought, “Sabbath was changed by man and Saturday is the Lord’s day.” For my Catholic wife, this came as quite a surprise, but “she accepted the truth with all her heart.”

After this, I and my wife decided to attend the Seventh-Day Adventist church, and God led the way from there. “Everybody was so kind to us,” I remembered, “even if they didn’t know us. The pastor explained how much Jesus loves us; it was so emotional, as if Jesus was really there. The Holy Spirit was with the pastor, and he spoke with joy and tears. I said to myself, “Jesus does exist.” That night was a turning point in my relationship with God. “I locked myself in my room, fell to my knees and cried out to Jesus. I told Him how grateful I was for His love and guidance. I accepted Him with all my heart on that day.”

Though I have been smoking for 11 years and trying to quit for 2, Jesus broke him of that and all the other bad habits in his life, “with immediate effect, it was only when I started reading the Bible and Jesus gave me the power to give up all the bad things, that I finally could. That’s another proof that Jesus can really have an impact on your life. So everything I do, I do it in the glory of God.”

I wanted to learn more, and other Amazing Facts DVDs helped me greatly. I watched “The Most Amazing Prophecies” and the “Prophecy Code” DVDs. I also read Pastor Doug’s testimony “The Richest Caveman” and realized how a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can affect a person. I was once a hated man, I had no love, always in fights and so on. What caught my attention was Doug’s calmness when he answers questions or speaks to people. I wished I was like him. I prayed and prayed for God to change my heart, but there was something Doug mentioned: that you should be patient and never beg with hate. I decide to change my prayer and while I was praying, I was crying and hurt, opening my heart to God. The very next day, I felt so different, my heart opened to all the people. That was when I decided, Christianity was the guide to the kingdom of God. See how good God is?

But I also kept studying the Quran as well, along with my Bible studies. “They are two totally opposite books; I was shocked to find some of the things in the Quran. I began speaking to family members about Jesus being the Way and His impact on my life. I am now disowned from my family, but God gave me a new family at the church.”

Of my life experience and new relationship with God. I am baptized and I accepted Jesus as my Savior. This is my true testimony as an oath to God. I hope someone out there is reading this and that God will guide them to the truth. Jesus is “the way, the truth and the life.”

John 3:16

God bless you