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Testimony of a Brahmin Boy Who Accepted Christ

My name is Anurag. I was born and brought up in a Brahmin family in the northern part of India. Hindu rituals and practices were prevalent in my family. Being born in a higher caste of the Hindu Society, I was taught to worship Hindu Gods and goddesses.  I also became an idol worshiper.

At the age of 21, I came to know Jesus Christ because I got a miraculous healing from a disease called chronic depression. After the touch of the Holy spirit, I started growing in the Lord. I read the Bible and started applying the word of God in my personal life.

Before Knowing Christ, I have lived a wretched, depressed and purposeless life. There was no joy, peace and contentment in my life. I used to have a very quarrelsome attitude. Fighting, hurting others and engaging in evil activities had become my daily routine.

Gradually, the Holy Spirit started working in my life, when I surrendered my life to Jesus. I confessed my past sins and made a commitment to deal with those sins so that they do not return to my life. It was hard initially to get rid of past habits, attitudes and personal behavior.

I was advised by my Church leader to pray and seek God’s help to deal with the situation. I cried out to the Lord and the prayer answering God listened to my prayers. After getting a clear assurance of forgiveness of my past sins, I decided to take water baptism.

After the baptism, I faced a lot of persecution of my family members as they were not ready to accept that I had become a follower of Christ. They used to verbally and physically abuse me and were threatening me so that I could return back to the Hindu tradition and worship idols. I am thankful to God that His hand was always there to help me come out of those untoward situations.

I used to kneel down and pray to seek strength from God. My prayers were answered at last.

The spirit of God guided and led me to leave my job and I came to work as a full time Servant of God. God has given me a burden to preach the gospel to the unreached people who have not experienced the love of God in their lives.


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