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Born Again

2Pe 3:9 The Lord … is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

Repentance is what is being called for by the Lord for everyone that does not want to perish, which would practically cover every soul that is resident upon the earth.

Repentance, or any requirement towards anything for that matter, has a way of approach which would satisfy the one requiring such an act to become recognized by the one requiring it.  To bypass the requirement expected by the involved party would result in one being rejected by the one requesting for the act. (Gen.4:7)

Life starts out as one becoming aware of their surroundings, as they become aware of the fact that they are a part of their active surroundings.

Becoming aware of my own childish surrounding, I became aware of the fact that the community that I lived in had just gotten introduced to biblical matters from their un-biblical matters that the community was originally use to.

I noticed that the whole community accepted and embraced the ‘new’ form of living and tended to ‘look down upon’ the ones that did not embrace this new way of life.  The understanding that God became involved in human matters, out of His Love for them, was one that turned them from their former ways to that which was presently presented to them. (Repentance)

I became identified with the present surrounding, but never became a part of the fabric although I participated in its activities. (Seemingly that is what everyone does that gets intertwined into any setting that they are introduced to at an early age. Not having come into the age of accountability. Many choose to remain in that state after given an introduction to something more than their surroundings offer to them. ) (unrepentant)

In my then present mindset, I could expect an answer to the prayers that I offered to the Unseen Living Being (Child-like faith) and witness the results that were carried out by That Being, yet being only a participator of the faith. I realized that there was more required of That Being from me than being just a participator. He required that I become a partaker of that finished Work that He had done for me. It involved becoming publicly embarrassed before my peers, which I did not want to get drawn into at that time.

I honestly believe that is what many would-be followers of Christ are being prevented from doing, in taking that step, which would farther identify them as being a part of Him today. (Mk.8:38)

One answer to prayer involved a request for silence within an enclosed area.

Having been orphaned, I was sent to a religious orphanage, where children under the age of twelve were required to take an afternoon nap. In this setting, the room wherein I was trying to take a nap was full of noise. (Snoring) I asked the Invisible Being to intervene and bring about silence into the room, the room became silent of the snoring at that time, yet I could hear the goings on of the outdoors. (Birds chirping, grownups shouting, work being carried out.) This so surprised me, that I looked up to see what was going on, in which a Light began to ascend towards me, which so frightened me, since it was a strange occurrence, that I refused to yield to Its will for me to give into It. Upon my refusal it returned to whence it came from.
That experience had such an effect on me that I quit praying then, lest the same thing happen again.

Another event that happened, which affected me greatly was when an evangelist came through and preached, which caused a portion of my being to yield to a pull that was drawing me to give myself to Its Will.  I held on to my seat tightly, in order to prevent my body from obeying what my being wanted to do. What a relief it was for me when he finally ended the invitation to respond to the call.
All this time I identified myself as being a believer of that faith that identified itself with Christianity, but I still had need to become a part of what it stood for.

Time continued, I grew up, I lived as expected of the belief that the community held, and did not have any problems with what it believed, even if questions occurred within my heart as to things that were taught me by them, to things that did not fit those things that were taught to me of the Bible. I figured that their beliefs were correct anyway, since I did not know any better.

The theory of evolution taught to me in high school, away from that religious environment, ‘threw me in for a loop’. My reasoning being, which my instructors for my life, were not there to bring me something that would willingly bring instructions of a falsehood as part of my learning.

Come to think of it, what importance has the theory of evolution have upon a person that is trying to become a part of society? It should not have anything to do with ones status in the society that it is being introduced into. I now see it as a tool that Satan uses in order to break ones faith that one had upon a God of Creation. It has to do with spiritual matters, to make a way towards ones soul’s destiny.

Reasoning is what turned me (repentance) from my former thinking to this new way of thinking. I thought that if this theory was correct, than that other belief about God was incorrect. When I accepted the theory (which I know today is but a theory) for a fact, then I seemingly dropped of lost something that I was holding on to in life.

Morality lost its meaning. Life was not placed here to be ruled, but to be lived as one willed. Lying was not a thing to be shunned, stealing was okay, cheating or anything that the flesh desired for was become the way of life. We eat; we drink, and die tomorrow. Yet, being not a fool, one should know that there is a price to pay for what one does to others in this life. (Rom.14:12) Are there not laws for a society to prevent chaos from ruling? How much more for living in Life Itself? As is the natural so also is the Spiritual. (2Cor.5:10)

Having lost a ‘part’ that God had in my life, prior to my introduction to the ‘theory of evolution’, I did not want anything to do with things that pertained to religious matters. I did not want to hear the term, Jesus, or God. If anyone mentioned those names, I would turn away from them and refuse to hear them out.

This new life style brought hatred and bitterness into my life that I had not known before. It brought me under the control of an uncaring society that practiced racism etc. It left me the desire to escape from its influence upon my life, which I had no control over. Suicide seemed to be a means of escape from the bitterness that this life offered unto m.

Satan, that wily creature that he is, told me that death would bring me an escape from the bitterness of life that I was experiencing, that I would find NOTHING in that state. It would just totally annihilate me.
For all that, God had not yet forsaken me. His Word could still have and affect on me. A child that is trained in the way of truth could not depart from it (subconsciously) even if he is become old. (Prov.22:6)

To overrule the death wish from Satan, God came up with a verse found in Heb.9:27 “…it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.”
Judgment was what placed a fear before me.
I could imagine myself standing before millions, having to go through a trial, where I would have to answer for my deeds that I permitted to happen within my walk in this life, whether they were secret or not.
How embarrassing it would be for me when they were called out and proven before my friends and acquaintances, and before the holy angels of God.

That is when I thought to prove to myself the existence of God or not. I began to seek with an open mind. I said, ‘If I find God in a certain religion that is where I’ll become a member of.’ So I started attending different churches only to become discouraged in finding God amidst them. I only found different thoughts or ideas that they believed was a way to approach God. (Prov.14:12) (Mt.15:8,9)

Not being satisfied I turned again to the unsatisfying ways that flesh had to offer. Until God again intervened and had me turn to the Bible for answers. There is where He proved Himself to be true to His Word. There is where I turned unto Him in prayer that He might prove to me that His Word is as true as it said in it as being truth. (Repentance again) That is where I found God. Not in a church or in a belief, but in His ability to perform His Word in action. (1Thes.1:5) That is where I finally found what I desired to have in my life since my early days of childhood. That is where I would point anyone who is seeking after God and His Truth. That is where Eternal Life is found.

Christianity is where the Source of Life is dealing in, but only according to His Word. Outside of that Word is where one would be in danger of judgment. For man shall not live by bread alone, (which are the needs that are in life –Mt.16:26 ), but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.  God said ‘every word’, and every word is what He requires of the repentant breaker of His Law, otherwise He will NOT accept the worshiper and his means of worship towards Him.

Light is that which I, as a child, refused to become involved in my life, since It was fearful for me then. Light is that which I ,as an adult, embraced into my life although It was fearful again for me, but I just committed my will unto It, and It has taken control of me again as It had when I was under Its influence prior to my having become a new creature in Christ Jesus. Glory be unto His Name!

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