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I prayed to the Lord that He make me not boast about the things that I had done; right or wrong. Oftentimes, I find that the man I love does that to me though. It really hurts my feelings and sometimes even makes me not feel like living anymore. I know that sounds ridiculous, but have you ever loved someone so much that it made you lose your love for yourself. The reason I feel so bad about this is because… can I ever really truly love God enough if I am so involved in this man like that.

The most important relationship that I will ever have with anybody will be with Christ. I love Christ so much that it makes me feel really sad that I also love my boyfriend that much. I mean, he isn’t even my husband yet. I want him to marry me. Besides all that, I really ask that whoever reads this prays for my relationship with God and also brings my boyfriend to realize how important God is in his life also. Also I still want to marry him. 

I have also prayed to God for my boyfriend to marry me. One amazing fact is that I prayed for God to bring him back into my life when we were broken up also. One day, he came over and said to me that he doesn’t know why he came back to  me after we broke up, but that something just prompted him to. I said to him that it was my prayer to God. Overall though, as of right now, my initial concern is that my boyfriend does not boast about being right or wrong either because it is not what God would want him to do; not only to me, but to all of God’s creations.

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