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Blessings, and Part of my Testimony

Hello everyone. This site is truly a blessing. I am a believer of Christ. I was here lying in bed and feeling down. Yes, I am a Christian and I’m feeling down. It happens, and I don’t know why but I leave all my emotions in God’s hands. I know he is in control because I let him be in control. So, I’m lying here and I start shopping online, that’s what I do when I feel down and I have a computer in front of me. But I stopped and thought “I feel down and I should do something more edifying than just shop.” So I “google” testimonies and this site pops out. It’s been a blessing and I hope to get around sharing my own testimony that I know will strengthen many. I will start now with a little. Christ delivered me the ugly world of drugs. I tried to fill the emptiness with what didn’t satisfy me. I cried out to God,

“God if you do exist, save me!”

And He did. I fell asleep behind the wheel after not sleeping for 3 days and had a terrible car accident that immobilized me for 6 months but everything was in God’s perfect plan…to be continued…


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