Guy Plan Don't Get Fooled Again

God Gave Me A Big Surprise

Three months ago, my favorite singer offered a concert here in my city, but by that time I didn´t have enough money to buy a ticket for his concert.

So, I asked God to help me in some way to be in that concert, I really wanted to be there. two days before the concert the local newspaper in my city made a contest and the winner would get two tickets to go to the concert. so I send the e-mail to the newspaper to participate in the contest. the winner of the contest would be announced one day before the concert.

I asked God to help me to win that contest, since that was the only way to go to the concert because like I said, I didn’t have money to buy a ticket.

Well, the day before the concert they announced the winner, to my sadness wasn´t me,  I was really sad, and really disappointed, I didn´t want to know about anything.

BUT GOD HAD A BIG SURPRISE FOR ME!………… the day of the concert, when I finish my work schedule (at 2 pm) I went to a church because I wanted to ask God why He didn´t help me to win the contest, when I was claiming Him why, I heard a small voice in my mind saying: where is your faith?…… initially I did not pay any attention, and left the church to go home.

But on the way to my house I heard the small voice again saying: where is your faith? but at the same time I was thinking: it´s all over, I won´t be able to go to the concert.

At home, I was watching tv when I received a call from the newspaper offices, (at 3:30 pm), telling me that they had another two tickets and if I wanted them I had to go for them before 5 pm (the concert was at 8 pm) I was schoking, I couldn´t believe it.

I was be able to be in the concert without paying anything for the tickets. GOD DEFINITELY TAKE CARE ABOUT ALL THE THINGS IN OUR LIVES AND LOVES TO SURPRISE US.

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