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Beauty into Ashes

God is able.

I always had a troubled past so God chose me for his purpose. I never thought I was worthy. But God turns ashes into beauty.

In 2016 I give my life to my lord and savior Jesus Christ. And got baptized on the same day at the church. God himself, appointed me to go to. Honestly, I never found God in church but it was through my rough past hustling men for money in every night clubs. In the middle of it all I would go on my knees on the bathroom floor and say:

“God thank you for life I love you. I know I am doing wrong right now but forgive me.”

It was through all that when I didn’t even know God was building me up for his purpose.

From building the devil’s kingdom in night clubs, indulging in all types of sexual sins. Now at age 32, I am building Gods kingdom on a prayer line God called me to do in December of 2021, and I completely gave my life to him. That was after the encounter I had with him when he came boldly to me and told me why I WOULD NOT MAKE IT INTO HEAVEN in July of 2020.

God is able, believe me when I tell you.

I used to think I needed to sell myself for money but that was the biggest lie I allow the devil to tell me. I used to think I could fill that void in my heart by having different man/woman in my life to love me. I used to think because I was molested for years with the same man, I wasn’t worthy in the God’s kingdom. Because of that GUILT AND SHAME.

But God fixed me and still disciplining and correcting me as revelations 3:19 says. He corrects and discipline those he loves.

Fast Forward…

  • MY SON IS SPEAKING AND does not have autism
  • My charity for the poor is #1 in the world winning so many souls for GOD’S KINGDOM
  • Happily married living the life of my dreams, and my husband and children traveling the world winning more SOULS FOR GOD.
  • Lastly because I am a humble servant of God I will eat a meal with JESUS CHRIST in heaven.

Those 5 things above didn’t happen yet. But I know God is able. It’s already written plus more.

Psalm 27:14:

Wait patiently for the lord
Be brave and courageous
Yes wait patiently for the lord.

Through fasting and praying and moving in obedience with God’s DIRECTIONS.

Mathew 6:33 seek after the kingdom of God above all else and live righteously and I will give you everything you need.

Thank you for listening to my testimony. SHARE, it WILL SAVE a life.


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