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Be Faithful to God even in Difficult Circumstances

In my freshman year I got bullied. I have a disability. During that time I became afraid, anxious, depressed and angry to God because of why he let it happen. (Raise your hand if you have blamed God for bad things that happen to our life, thanks put your hand down).

I didn’t understand why he let it happen. Why he let me be depressed, angry, anxious. But when the pandemic happened (when I got bullied it was in 2019 ) we quarantine and everything got bad for everyone. (But from my perspective this was a time where we would find God again). During quarantine, that’s where God called me to be his servant again.

I was living in Guatemala. I had the fire inside my heart, but when I went to the United States that’s where I put things above God. I started school as a 4th grader and time for time I felt distant to God. Also they bullied me, too in middle school and I wasn’t putting God above the bullying. The WHOLE POINT of this is:

Be faithful to God even in difficult circumstances.

Put God over everything.

If some things happen in your life that you dislike, just know that’s it’s God’s plan (Yes , we can ask how is this bad thing, God’s plan, just know he knows better). Amen.

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