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Be Alert

Be Alert, for the Devil your Enemy Prowls Around like a Roaring Lion seeking someone to devour

I was brought up in a nominal Christian home but became backslidden in my teens, having not really known what it was to know Jesus personally or make a meaningful commitment to Him. I was “confirmed” at the age of 13 in the Church of England. When I was 15 I found boys and that was that for the church really, until I was 20 and training to be a nurse. I had already met my husband to be at this point, but went to church with some friends. I really knew the difference between this church and all previous encounters- these people knew things you did not tell them, and there was a real love between them, also they spoke in tongues, something I had never experienced or heard. But I was committed to my fiance and first thought I could change him. All the while I hung on to the relationship instead I did what was wrong. Eventually I was challenged that I could not be “unevenly yoked with unbelievers” but at this point in my life I chose my fiance. We later got married and I thought I was happy but there was something I knew was missing and I often had black depressions particularly after the birth of my children when I became almost suicidal through post natal depression.

My mum became seriously ill in her early fifties with cancer and suggested while she was ill that I investigate a particular job as I was temping. My mum died when I was still backslidden, and I remember thinking that if God existed I was so angry with him for taking her and for taking my children’s grandmother. Inevitably I sank into depression, but I tried to keep things together for the children. My depression led to dissatisfaction with my marriage, and I was not a great wife. I thought about the idea of a job my mum had suggested and saw an advert for that very job, so applied, and got the job.

I worked there for a number of years, getting closer and closer to the boss who often involved me in projects and meetings particularly, and sought out my advice. In truth she had been quite rude to me when I first started work and reigned more by fear than by loyalty initially, but I forgot this as I became closer to her. Then someone started at work who told me about Jesus, and at first I really pushed her away. It took time and an encounter with a stranger in a church who spoke a Word of wisdom from God straight to my heart, but eventually I came back to Jesus – aged 38.

Some strange things started to happen. I had some dreams- my boss telling me I had been disloyal, and attacking me. Every appliance in the house seemed to go wrong all at once, and my grandmother who I was very close to fell the very day I had visited her and was admitted to hospital, and died a few days later having broken her hip – the week before I was due to be baptised. My friend who had been praying for me became seriously ill and had to leave work- thankfully she is now healed, praise God. Later I was to find out that I had been unknowingly involved in the occult through a family link and my boss had “dedicated” me to the enemy as a bride- the “ceremony” had been due to take place on the day I received a Word of Wisdom and recommitted myself to Christ.

Now I love God so much for having waited patiently all this time for me and for coming looking for me (Luke 15:4). I regret the wasted years when I should have been teaching my three children about him now they are teenagers and much harder to reach but God has said he will repay the “years the locusts have eaten” (Joel 2: 25). Two of my children have committed themselves to Christ now, and I know that by my conduct my husband and other child will also be won.

Our God is a God of restoration. He allows us a new start (Deut 30:8). However we must never become complacent and “comfortable”. Our enemy is up to many tricks behind our backs and under our noses- who could have thought you could be dedicated to the enemy without permission- yet I have since found it happens to many – even children! Brothers and sisters we must be alert, but I thank God for my “just in time” deliverance or I cannot bear to think what my life may have been now.


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