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Asking God for a Miracle

I wanna pray to God for a miracle with my recently ended relationship with my ex boyfriend of 3 years. I did the ultimate no no which is getting pregnant when we broke up for 4mnths. Then mistaken him as the child’s father which I truly thought he was. Now he’s heartbroken and I feel like s*** for how it went. This guy is everything I want in a man with a couple or flaws, quite normal! We have a great connection, when we kiss its a electrical feeling with happiness, we just really vibe with each other. Never been able to break up and stay away from each other but this looks like the end.

Despite the bad I did I love him with all my heart and can’t see myself with nobody else and he’s said the same. He doesn’t even wanna say goodbye to me but I have said it to him. I just don’t even wanna lose him and want a miracle to happen. Anyhow, he was thinking about accepting my newborn daughter and later on said nothing else about it and just decide to break forever.


Is there anyone out here with an outside relationship baby who made it to a better place?