Girl Praying

Asking for Prayer – HSV 1

Hello all!

I have been battling with HSV 1 for a while. I feel that I am on the brink of completely healing from this disease but there’s one thing missing – prayer and support from others.

I got this disease by not listening to what God was telling me about my first love. I was being disobedient although God had sent multiple people to help in steering me away from my first love. I didn’t listen and contracted HSV from him. I don’t blame him for it at all. I have truly forgiven him but I still want my healing.

If you see this please pray that I am physically healed. I know that God can do it but it is I that needs help with receiving what God promised all of us thousands of years ago – that we are healed.

Please leave your prayers in the comments so that I can also pray for you.

Thank you all in advance (: