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As I Sowed, So I Reaped… and More!

A few days ago, while on my way back home, I stopped at a computer store. As I came out, a beggar waved at me and said “Don’t give me money. Just buy my child a bottle of milk.” I agreed, and crossed the road to buy a bottle of flavored milk for her daughter. I asked her to cross over too, and handed it to her and drove home. Now read what happened next…

My wife asked me to go to our neighboring aunt’s home with our son, as that lady had kept a pack of chocolate flavored milk for him! When the aunt saw that I too had landed up at the door, she gave me two packs of juice – one each for my wife and me! That’s God’s goodness through a human three times over!

Truly, as you sow you shall reap. In fact, God went further…I reaped thrice of what I sowed. I took care of a beggar’s child, and the King of kings took care of my child and two other kids of His – my wife and me! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus!