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God Helped me with Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Depression

God helped me with my anxiety. panic attacks and depression…

Two years ago, I gave birth to a wonderful baby girl. It was 3 months after that, I developed, what the doctor’s called PPD (postpartum depression). It was the worst but best 2yrs of my life. Worst, because it was soo hard, all the mental thoughts I went through. Fighting the devil, suicide thoughts, feeling like I was going crazy, living in a dream world, just plain crazy weird feelings/thoughts. Those things lead to me having severe panic attacks and depression.

I saw three doctor’s and two brain specialist, which all said I had anxiety/ppd. I disagreed, because I just didn’t believe in it. The doctors wanted me to get on meds asap. So, I went ahead and got my meds, got them filled, took them about a week, then got online and researched the info on depression meds. And did not like the effects and causes of them, so I dropped them, but the anxiety and panic attacks were so rough I couldn’t handle it. I really really felt like the devil was trying to take my body over. It was the weirdest, scariest feeling in the world.

I lived across a bridge, and it was so scary because every time I drove over that bridge, something was telling me to drive my car off into the water, just to end it all…the pain, the depression, the anxiety…all of it. But then I’d look into my rear-view mirror and see my baby girls face, and id break down. I knew I had something to live for, had a family, a husband, a life. And I knew suicide would send me straight to hell, (the bible says we shall not kill, and not to defile (destroy) the holy temple (which is our bodies) that carry the Holy Spirit.

I realized then, I needed to get my life in order and find God and live for him. So, I just relied on God. (I knew I couldn’t do this without God) instead of medicine. And I’m here to tell you, He has changed my life in soooo many ways. I don’t have panic attacks anymore; He has blessed me and my family. My hubby got in church also. And so did my mom (who gave up 20 years of smoking for God), but the best thing is my kids.

My 9-year-old and my 2-year-old sing and worship god. It just touches my heart and makes me sooo happy to see what god has done in my life. And I look forward to the future with God. But I want and hope this testimony helps someone. Just remember God can heal you WITHOUT MEDS OR A DR. Just pray and seek him, and remember God made us with love, not fear.


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