People Sharing Christian Testimonies

An Encounter with Lord Jesus Christ in a Dream

Some people may not believe in dreams but i say this to you the Lord communicates with you in many different ways. In 2006 I was devoted to the Lord and i was a strong Christian but all was lost. I still went to church but surely i tell you if the presence of the Lord was there and is no longer there you can feel it. I started clubbing and i was very fond of profanity. But in April this year i came across this testimony that completely changed me. This testimony gave me an insight in things that i did and did not realize that they were wrong which included listening to hip hop music inciting bad behavior, murder, profanity, sexual behavior and all sorts. I stopped listening to hip hop and deleted all of it on my PC and all my movies that in-sighted illicit behavior.

Three weeks after that on a Saturday i was lying in bed and all of a sudden i could not move my body at all for like a few seconds then all of a sudden i could move. But a few more seconds after that i could not move again (remember i was awake) but this time i saw a shadow on th wall of a person coming on top of me and i felt it hold my hand and it wanted to stop me from moving. But without delay i wanted to to say the blood of Jesus but i was speechless, so in my heart i called on the name of the lord until my speech regained and i said the blood of Jesus and the shadow was no more and i could move again.  

Most of my friends that where around me tried to make me drink again and invite me to clubs but i stayed devoted to Christ and he comes first. from that period of me reading the testimony i started inviting friends to church and some came and went but some still want to come and i will invite more and more (the Kingdom of heaven i like a parable of mustard seed). Then after the incident that happened when i was lying in bed i had a dream a week after. In this dream i was in Southend-on-sea High st (England) and there lots of people around me and it was in the afternoon. But as it happened the sun went then the moon also disappeared from the face of the earth and it was dark. People started fighting all over and in this dream i thought of the book of revelations about the end times and pleaded with people to stop what they were doing and repent but they did not listen. I also told them that look at what has happened the Lord may be coming but still they did not listen. Then all of a sudden there was a bright light in the sky and a huge bottle appeared but it remained in the sky and i started glowing and my garments turned white and i started to ascend to this bottle.

This bottle did not open at all but i went through it and in this bottle where people that i did not know and there there was the Lord Jesus Christ. I then asked him why he has left the others behind but he did not tell me. All he said was “you did what you had to do” and we embarked on a journey on this journey it seemed as though we where on a train and we reached at a stop were this lady got in. The Lord Jesus Christ said to her did you know that i was coming? And she said yes because God spoke to her the day before. This lady approached me and said “i know you from somewhere” and i said “where do you know me from and she said, ” You used to live in Pumula (a place i lived in Zimbabwe 19-20 years ago) and i know your mother and she is disabled but she does not know it” as all this was happening the Lord had a list of names on 3 pages of paper of people that he was going collecting. But before i could ask that woman what she meant about my mum being disabled i woke up.

This dream shows sings of the end times that we are living and must be prepared for the coming of the Lord. if you have any friends or relatives that you know and need saving! share the Gospel with them. Tell people about the word and if they do not accept you then the Lord will be you witness and their blood will be in their own hands.

I think the Lord has an assignment for me to introduce him to his children that do not know him and that have lost their way or those who have not recieved Christ as their personal savior. If you haven’t received Christ as your own  personal savior i suggest you do so now without delay.