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Amazing Wonder of God’s Lifting

JEWEL OF ENVIABLE DESYINY!!! How incredible the name sounds, unbelievable you may say. Even an ordinary mind would say it is rather farfetched. But what a great expectation God has for us to be his enviable ambassador wherever we are found on the earth. (1 peter 2:9)

I want to bless the mouth piece of God through whom the prophecies were spoken, thank you for speaking aloud then, because through our hearing and hearing, faith was built in us and has produced so amazing results of which I am a living proof.(Romans 10:17)

Here comes the amazing testimony of a little me, whom God has made his word real and my life has become enviable.

Long in the university days, Monday, Wednesday, Sunday fellowship, I cast my mind back and realized my fellowship time had not been a waste; thank God I joined a student Fellowship – Winners Campus Fellowship.

All prophecies then were like mirage, looked so unreal, because with me life was just a passing phase. Education was a struggle and finance was just nothing to be happy with, hopelessness became something to battle with, amidst these came promises of glorious, enviable future from the mouth of our Pastors .Thank you for dispelling my doubt and professing boldly, God’s agenda for us despite the happenings around.

I graduated from the university, thinking of what lies ahead in a country of who no know man; nothing works, but believing God against all odds I forged on visualizing the glorious future my Pastors told us.(Luke 1:45)

I enrolled for my post graduate program in the same U. I and God opened my eyes to the course I should go for. I am happy he led me and it has never been a disappointment but a rejoicing of my soul. About completing my 2 year masters, as you would naturally expect, anxiety set in, I became anxious of where and how I could get job. But thank God of WCF who holds us by the hand to fulfil his glorious agenda.

I must tell you God told me after my First Degree that I needed to acquire skill, so that I can fit in to his place he desired for me. The mediocre, half-baked, unskilled can be suitable for master use. That was what led me to Post graduate school and indeed my two years were loaded with all form of skill acquisition, knowledge discovery, personal development from schools and self learning. Just to buttress the point of my Pastors that OPPORTUNUTY + PREPARATION = SUCCESS

In my last semester in the University, heaven was released on me I started applying for jobs and attending interviews of banks, telecom, international organization and many more.

SEBI, they said you need god father to get to great place in Nigeria, I am surprised that God of exploits took me solely by his hands and sat me with princes in the land. With just one suit and a pair of shoes I had, I was attending interviews in big companies and they saw something special in me so that I became indispensable even for roles I never studied in school.

Interview became a weekly thing; it was so much that telephone interview was being conducted for me due to my complaint of no time. I don’t know how my CV got to IBTC, what I would get from a telephone call was to beg me for interview even when I did not apply to them. Job offer became so much that I was rejecting offers.

I eventually picked my first job in Oando Plc as a Retail branch manager of an entire state, of which I was assigned a car, driver and other BIK. This marvels me, that little girl who came from a nameless background but became a gem overnight.

As that was not enough, heaven secured my place for me in the earth of this nation to wine and dine with kings and those who matter in the affairs of this nation. I must tell you I have got to height where people ask who is your god father? Who do you know? Posts where bigger legs could only work. But thanks be to God of WCF who pushes his jewels like Esther, Daniel, David with no muscle nor comeliness to the throne.

I am happy to tell you that that God has changed my level again; he has secured a great place where people lobby to get to without me knowing any human being. I am now gainfully employed in Central Bank of Nigeria Headquarters Abuja. He alone did this, to him be the glory.

Just felt I should share this with my fellow jewels to strengthen our Faith and hold unto all the prophecies that have gone ahead of us because they shall all come to pass.

Jewels of enviable destiny we are indeed. Continue fanning the flame into fire. More astounding, astonishing wonders we are yet to become. We will all get there. Hope to hear of you soon. (1 Corinthians 15:58) Thanks for reading my story, hope it has blessed you.

Here are the lessons I can draw from my story:

  1. Choose to believe God even when it seems God is no more
  2. Rely on him for leading and instructions
  3. Go after knowledge, fill your knowledge gap
  4. Be socially informed, increase your social network
  5. Be persistent and determined to succeed
  6. Believe in yourself, be bold to dare anything
  7. Then you soon become the envy of your world

Best regards, Akinpelu Oluwatoyin Opeyemi

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