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Amazing Grace

Praise The Lord

Here im sharing the testimony
which i have experienced very close to my heart,this is the first time im
sharing a testimony in my life.

I live in hyderabad and my parents recide at a
place called medak in A.P.
One day, approx., over a month back i got a call
from my parents,that they have fallen sick due to high fever and wanted me to be there with them , the very next day i left for medak.

I was suprised and sad to see them in such a horrible condition, they were not able to move, to the extent not even able to do their own chores because of high fever and severe body pains.I was litteraly shattered witnessing them in that condition,,becoz never came a situation like that before,i composed myself and prayed to LORD with a heavy heart.

Next day i have taken them to hospital,there doctor diagnosed it as viral infection,and said that it wud take atleast one month for complete recovery and prescirbed some medicines.

Following three days they were completely on celine and little fluid intake.
Mean while i have called up jesuscalls prayer tower.Their,prayer warrior did a wonderful
prayer, which has given me much needed moral support and it further increased my faith and believe in GOD’S amazing grace and i was instructed by prayer warrior to apply prayer oil to my parents,myself and to sprinkle water with prayer oil on all the doors and the windows.I did the same.

Gradualy the condition starded improving, from unmovable state in bed progressed to slow walking with some assistance !!!HALLELUJAH!!! (((PRAISE THE LORD))).After one week fever receded to normal .::THANK GOD::. next week they were on strength gaining diet, for which they responded positively.

After two weeks from the date of falling sick,they were completely recovered.

Friends i want to share a very little fact with u — whenever we find ourselves in hapless situation we automatically lean onto LORD and start praying more fervently than before.

Though we go to church, read the BIBLE and do prayers, we continue our daily lifes with so many sins injected in without our knowledge becoz we dont put into deeds what we hear in church and what we read in BIBLE and live with the misconception that it is very much ok. We can realise these discrepancies in our lifes only after when we shaken up by a sudden jolt, then we realise

that — Ohh!..NO! i was doing this,,,sorry LORD and Ohh!..NO! i was doing that,,, forgive me LORD,,, there you start analysing your life and start shredding each transgression which was ok before.Day by day You wud shook off every sin from your life… which is the desire of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

GOD loves us so much that HE punishes us for our mistakes or in other words frames troubles in our lifes whenever we are going astray,,,so that we realise our mistakes and reconcile ourselves to HIM.This is our preparation inorder to enter into HEAVEN which is an everlasting life – the abode of GOD and THE ANGELS.

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