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Amazing Exam Testimony

What God cannot do does not exist!

I am the one that God has blessed.

So, I was writing a professional paper and conducted a SWOT analysis on myself. There was this paper I believe was supposed to be my strength; hence I was relying on my strength to prepare for the paper. I wasn’t able to adequately prepare well for the paper and I knew I was going to fail even before the paper. I fell into a depression.

The paper didn’t go well. After the paper I knew I was going to fail. I was so mad at myself because this was a paper I shouldn’t have failed. I had little faith of passing and the results were released. Guess what?

I failed!

Ladies and gentlemen, I couldn’t even cry at that point. I started preparing for the next sitting. I prayed and fasted and got really nervous on the exam day.
I was just trusting God for a miracle and lo and behold I passed this time.

I just want to tell everyone that if you have faith God will definitely do it for you.
Don’t rely on your strength like I did because my strength failed me. God’s Grace is supreme. His strength is made perfect in our weakness. What God cannot do does not exist. Anyone trusting God for a miracle, I pray upon your life that you will not fail again. You will not fail that paper!

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