Person by Sea - Healing

All is Possible

When I was at the age of 2 in a half I ran into a Wheel of a Semi Truck. I went flying and hit my head on the rear bumper. I was rushed to the Hospital I had all this Machine on me I had a breathing machine I was in a coma for six months. When the sixth month came to pass the Hospital said he’s not going to make it let’s take off the breathing machine. As soon as they did that I came out of the coma and started breathing on my own. My whole right side of my body was out of place that gave me a cast for both my right arm and my right leg. In about a week or two I was healed. They took cast off my right arm and my right leg at the Age of 6 I had a seizure and stop breathing. I was rushed to the Hospital. I started to come out of it and started to breathe again my family Doctor put me on a seizure meds.

At the age of 18 I ask God please heal me Lord from having seizures a week later I saw my Doctor he took me off the meds. I have not had s seizure ever since when I live on my own the First time my meds I was taking the doctor put me on a to high dosages I drank I smoked I had severe pain on my head a ear infection wisdom teeth with cavities on top of both of them. I was in severe pain it felt like a knife stabbing me in the head. I could not sleep for about 3 to 5 months because every time I tried the pain would get worse and worse. I was rushed to the Hospital they gave me pills for I called for a ride but no one would answer so they kicked me out.

I walked about two miles past the hospital I passed out then I a cop kicked me to see if I was Alive he asked me if I wanted to go to  the Hospital. I said no I want to go home at the kindness of his heart he took me home. then in 2012 I was off in on in the Hospital one time I was walking from the Library to the bus station to go home as soon as I get on the bus I felt like I was having anxiety problem so I sat to relax. As soon as the Bus got to this McDonalds next thing I know I was in the Hospital. I asked the Hospital what happen. They said we are trying to figure that out and when I trying to get up my body was Heavy now I am a lot better God is good and all thing are possible it’s because of God I am Alive today.

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